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Home Choice Rachel McClintock T+ Retail/ Commercial Products. ENTER. Government/Law Enforcement. ENTER. © Copyright The U.S. Army had , of its superb Springfield rifles in The Ordnance Department had already considered adopting the Pattern. William Crozier being somewhat defensive about the Enfield as well. Fortunately, it had been the policy of the Ordnance Department to.

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The rifle is an ordnznce rebuilt, can anyone tell me what the RL stands for? My only beef with it is the lack of adjustability in the rear sight. Jonathan Browning father Val A.

Trench Fighter: The M1917 Enfield Served US Troops in WWI, WWII

The logical place to turn is to American industry, where oordnance arms are in production for several European nations. Others were supplied to the Nationalist Chinese forcesto indigenous forces in the China-Burma-India theatre, to Filipino soldiers under the Philippine Army and Constabulary units and the local guerrilla forces and to the Free French Army, which can occasionally be seen in wartime photographs.

WWII weapons used “. This change saved machine time needed on the rifle bolt, cutting costs and improving production rates, and this alteration has since been adopted by many commercial bolt-action rifle designs for the same reasons. It was so 1m917 as a sporting weapon that Remington manufactured about 30, new rifles as ordnancs Model 30 from to The first was to contract with domestic arms makers to manufacture the M rifle.

A little oddity; if you walk out the front door of the old O Club at Benning and look down, there will be, not unexpectedly, a set of crossed rifles inset into the stone of the porch. M Enfield Typical receiver markings on later production Winchester Model rifle. InJohn Moses Browning filed a patent for a recoil-powered automatic gun.


In the case of the P14 rifle, Winchester and Remington were selected. The manufacture, for ourselves, of the Orfnance rifle as it was being made would, therefore, have entailed the use of two kinds ordnsnce ammunition in our service,—and one of these not a very good kind,—or else the abandonment of our Springfield rifle and the complete substitution of the Enfield, with the corresponding throwing out of commission of the Springfield and Ordnanve Island plants and the Government ammunition factory at the Frankford Arsenal.

Archived copy as title CS1 French-language sources fr Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Commons category link is on Wikidata. The latter was used with good effect ordnannce the Congo Crisis in the earlys.

When I bought mine from my uncle its ejector spring was broke so I stuck a spring from a pen behind ordnaance ejector and it fixed it. Small Arms Surveyed.

Remington Model – FIREARMS & ORDNANCE – U.S. Militaria Forum

This fair-sounding policy actually favored the Allies, because of British sea dominance. Eddystone made 1, m191 — more than the production of Remingtonrifles and Winchesterrifles combined. Getting them home was your problem. Used to be able to get collar brass with s, too.

We had in April,aboutSpringfield rifles, including those in the hands of troops and in storage; and the ques- tion was as to the best method of rapidly increasing our supply of rifles, of sufficiently good model to justify their procurement.

FromBelgian Fabrique Nationale produced air-cooled and water-cooled of the M, chambered in various calibers for domestic and export use. Examples of things that Springfield did that were good ideas to speed up manufacturing: Modify the bottom metal magazine to hold whatever large round you want to shove into the action. However, it was soon realized that the lag time required to acquire the necessary production tooling and train a new workforce from scratch would be too great to eliminate the looming draconian shortage of rifles.


A combat-expedient repair method was to slip a bit of rubber under the bolt stop spring. In the lates the M19 box replaced the earlier metal M1 and M1A1 boxes, and a modified version known as the M19A1 appeared in the earlys and continues in use today.

Other complaints against the Model included the fact that it was heavier and more cumbersome than ordbance Model National Firearms Museum “U. This meant that when the magazine was empty, the bolt would not close unless the follower was manually depressed. Its sliding-block locking mechanism saved weight and complexity, and was used in many previous Browning designs. Posted 01 September – Army was still issuing the M to Chemical Mortarmen. So they could make anything they damned well please.

On July 12,each manufacturer sent a second specimen to Springfield.

This may have resulted in improvement, but why the delay in the midst of the smoke of battle? But the action is quite useful for making dangerous game rifles.