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Buy Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Eats, Shoots & Leaves has ratings and reviews. I have, for some reason, frequently been recommended Lynne Truss’s book, though the reason. The spirited and scholarly #1 New York Times bestseller combines boisterous history with grammar how-to’s to show how important punctuation is in.

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Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss | : Books

My favourite story is one about the American chap playing Duncan in Macbethlistening with appropriate pity and concern while a wounded soldier gives his account of a battle and then cheerfully calling out: We pat pat pat ourselves on the back with being so in accord with this funny woman and her nit-picking usage of grammar.

But colons and semicolons—well, they are in a different league, my dear! It tells us when to speed up and slow down, which points need to be stressed and given special attention, and which points like this one can be safely disregarded, if shoota so chooses. Her goal is to remind readers of the importance of punctuation in the English language by mixing humour and instruction.

Couple that with her tedious recurrent references to her being single at at age 48 at time of pressher lack of stereotypical teenage fun “when other girls of my age were attending the Isle of Wight Festival and having abortions, I bought a copy of Eric Partridge’s Usage and Abusage “and her repeat references to the same stale jokes Sir Roger Casement “hanged on a comma” and you get a long, tiring read.

Although, even more frustrating is when people defend the mangled “writing” as though it doesn’t matter at all. I’m not a stickler, mind, but I do know when things aren’t written properly and there are certain crimes against grammar that I just can’t abide.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat And for those keaves us who flail around in the gooey morass of more difficult areas of grammar, help is at hand via this wonderful Goodreads group. Lynne Truss does a fantastic job of putting ahead her case for punctuation; I, for one, am convinced.

If you have always struggled, or sometimes doubt, how to use any of these, this is definitely the book for you. It was, at least, educational information and, at most, spiced with funny examples. This crime landed me on her lynne list” for the rest of the year. Do we really care that the italic typeface was invented by a geezer called Aldus Manutius the Elder ? It’s with that kind of word nerd superiority complex that I went into Lynne Truss’ short book on punctuation.

Smart people like me need a good reference leavss and style manual, not a “funny” book on punctuation. I’m undecided as to whether I’m a punctuationally-challenged heathen, or if I qualify as a stickler. View all 11 comments. Jill Letter 2 Dear Jack, I want a man who knows what love is.

Robert Johnson Just like a grammar textbook there are discrete chapters. Jun 23, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: This is something I never expected to have in my personal library, that’s for sure.

Death to the otiose comma

As someone who writes a fair bit half a million words on Goodreads aloneI know my way around a sentence. I learnt leabes things as you can no doubt see from here.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. View all 10 comments. I thoroughly enjoyed this short, funny book about British punctuation. Oct 30, Michael Gardner rated it it was amazing.

The positive of misspelling will always be the humour I can find in it at least. Yes, she is deadly serious about it. Knowing that the printed word is always edited, typeset and proofread before it reaches us; we appreciate its literary authority.

Well, this book definitely helped me to distinguish some of these rules. I read this book a very long time ago and about the only thing I remember about it is a cartoon of nine live Roman soldiers and one dead one lying on the ground beside them. But otherwise, it was kind of like preaching to the choir. She does explain the main uses of the punctuation marks for anyone wanting a quick refresher course.


Anyway, to the book. In the last millennium or so, marks have been added, changed and removed over time as necessity dictated. In her book, Talk to the HandTruss acknowledges some of the criticism, obliquely admitting that much of it is warranted.

The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation is a humorous book about punctuation. But, yes, I’m a snob. Of course, that might mean we’ll have a great internet dark age when almost everyone will have gone silent. All have humor and examples of right and wrong usage. View all 14 comments. Do you recommend this book to a non-native speaker? From the Compact Disc edition. Oct 23, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it it was amazing Shelves: Truss dedicates the book “to the memory of the striking Bolshevik printers of St.

Here, I was a bit worried about the dash — I eatz to use it in lieu of the colon quite a lot — but the author set my mind at rest assuring me that it is perfectly legitimate. The book is a well-mixed combination of history, usage and style. But what exactly are its functions?

Everything ends up becoming a question? Even so, this is perfect reference material shoos students, teachers, copy-editors, journalists, proof-readers please! It stands up for punctuation and correct punctuation at that.