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Definition of losers weepers in the Idioms Dictionary. losers weepers phrase. What does losers weepers expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom. Losers Weepers is the tenth studio album by American Blues artist Etta James, released in Track listing[edit]. No. Title, Length. 1. “Take Out Some. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Meaning. Definition: Those who obtain something simply by discovering it are entitled to keep it.. If someone loses something.

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Relationships should be partnerships through good and bad times; I love how well Nicole demonstrates this with her amazingly well-developed characters.

We are the only two people here at your house! To ask other readers questions about Losers Weepersplease sign up. Jake yelled “finders keepers” as he dashed toward the house with the sparkling ring he had discovered. The story may be centered around Garth and Josie but Rowen and Jesse have their own side story going on throughout the book.

Losers Weepers is a little sexier than Finders Keepers was, but it wasn’t overdone, so those who like their New Adult books on the lighter side, this series is a great one to read. She was strong, and persevered to show Garth that she truly loved him, and nobody could take his place. You guys probably think I’m crazy, but ever since the previous book, I’ve been whining about wanting a sex scene between Garth and Josie and I was hoping we would get one in this, so I was once again disappointed when there wasn’t a proper one.

I loved seeing them fall for one another in Finders Keepers and I was so happy to be back in their world. He let his anger decide his fate too many times. I was nervous when I first read the synopsis for this book.


This was another good read in the series. But she is not only the only woman he dreams of, she is his true match, equally quick-tempered and stubborn, always seeing through his impassive acts and this time around determined to never allow him ,osers push her away again. Josie showed how much she loved him and how serious she was about him and the life they were building together.

What made you want to look up finders keepers losers weepers? Somehow, the level of emotion between these characters is more than enough to make us feel satisfied on all fronts, dreamy-eyed from beginning to loserx. When your life takes an unexpected turn it is the way in which you handle the events and decisions you base it on that define you as a person rather than the situation itself. Weepere Weepers was possibly the most emotional book out of the series so far for me to read.

We all know Garth is wespers, and hot headed. Therefore this will be short and to the point, I hope. I saw you put some cash in your pocket a few minutes ago.

Losers weepers – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

It was powerful, emotional, and real. He is keen on following through, but then something happens that all of a sudden makes him realize he never should have doubted and that it’s all going to be ok. Losers Weepers was a beautiful story that delivered a great romance and then so much more.

I respected hoe Josie could be tender, nurturing, and hopeful at times, but wasn’t afraid to use tough love and put Garth in his place, when he needed it. You define me, Joze. They are extremely happy and deeply in love with one another. But Josie is the type the digs in and holds on for dear life. Garth drew the short straw deepers it came to parents and a home life.


Things are absolutely perfect, loser a tragic accident has everyone crashing to the ground. I love the fact that they do form a support system even when they sometimes fight or push each other away. Trivia About Losers Weepers L Not his arms, not his legs.

This book was, essentially, about Garth and Josie going toe to toe. Test Your Knowledge – and learn some interesting things along the way.

Without any explicit level of detail, Ms Williams manages to make our hearts race from mere acts of hand-holding or spooning in bed. Together, they made me feel all the feels.

I seriously wanted to bash his head against a wall so that I could get rid of his dumb ideas. He was so depressing and behaved like a little girl.

I get why he wanted to push people, namely Josie, away, but sometimes wsepers did get tedious while I was reading. Arc provided by the author for an honest review. I felt myself wondering frequently if everything wasn’t described to be more easily than it is in reality.

I’m okay with her, I tolerate her but that’s it.

Losers Weepers

I have to admit that I wasn’t pleased to find out that they were getting another book, but now that I’ve thought it through, I don’t think I have much an issue with it. Garth is riding bulls and lately he’ 3 stars! I have a feeling when the next book drops, I losees be battling out for my favorite. Parts of the story still were enjoyable, but this was by far my least favorite so far.