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His treatise, De voluptate (), voiced Epicurean and Christian hedonist ideas that Lorenzo Valla was born in Rome, Italy, around Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. circulated in under the name De voluptate (On Pleasure), later restyled as 6 John Monfasani, ‘The Theology of Lorenzo Valla’, in Humanism and Early.

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Contents 1 Life 2 Thought and works 2. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. You are wrong, believe me, you are wrong. I would gladly endure this if your law did not deem that anyone who is not a wise man is by necessity a fool, a reprobate, ann exile, an enemy, and a deserter, ‘anyone’ meaning all of us, since no one has yet possessed this wisdom.

De professione religiosorumwas a criticism of the monastic lifestyle. Valla was the son of a lawyer employed at the papal court. Panormita supports Epicureanism, saying that self-restraint is against nature and that the desire for pleasure should only be restricted when it interferes with the realization of an even higher pleasure. Why have you preferred to call upon Nature rather than God, the author of all?

Let me speak more plainly. But do you really call this matter into doubt, being as you are a soldier, and wanting to be known as a soldier of the Christian religion, properly called the Christian faith?

Always an irascible man, he continued to engage in quarrels and exchanged a series of invectives with his arch-enemy Poggio. Even more than I should wish. Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed.

I make my decision in favor of the Epicureans not in favor of you, Vegio, nor against you, Catone, who are each bound by your faith to another army and against the Stoics, whom I condemn for two reasons: I said ‘our’ bodies, meaning the bodies of individual persons, for as do the appearance and the speech of the bodies of the blessed, so also their fragrance will delight themselves and each other.


Lorenzo Valla | Italian humanist |

A professional heretic, he was well suited for his role as a critic of authority and orthodoxy. Despite his heavy literary commitments, Valla never seemed to lack time or energy to engage in controversies. Priscian, for instance, had stated that a noun signifies substance plus quality, and pronouns substance without quality.

I do not yet say what I think: His family was from Piacenza ; his father, Luciave della Valla, was a lawyer who worked at the vallz court. Valla wandered from one university to another, accepting short engagements and lecturing in many cities. Essays in Honor of Charles TrinkausLeiden: Yet his attempt to reform or transform the scholastic study of language and argumentation—and, indeed, their entire mode of doing philosophy—is likely to be met with skepticism or even hostility by the historian of medieval philosophy who is dedicated to the argumentative rigor and conceptual analysis which are the hallmarks of scholastic thought.

Surely voluptatd as to obtain authority and trust. This is doubtless due, in no small measure, to his eclecticism, his attempt to bring into one picture Aristotelian ethics, the Stoic virtues of Cicero, the biblical concepts of charity and beatitude, and the Epicurean notion of hedonist pleasure— each with its own distinctive terminology, definitions, and philosophical context.

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He briefly treats the five exterior senses but is not inclined to deal with the physiological aspects of sensation. The history lrenzo earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here: Valla grasped the important insight—which was not unknown to medieval scholars—that the meaning of a text can be understood only when it is seen as the product of its original historical and cultural context. He also attended the University of Padua.

Lorenzo Valla (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Why should we delight so in defiling women who are chaste, virginal, pure, and respectable; and why are we more quickly inflamed by the desire to dishonor them than to possess prostituted, depraved, lascivious, and base women, even when these are more beautiful?

Any text you add should be original, not copied lroenzo other sources. Selected ArticlesAldershot: For Valla, fortitude is the essential virtue, since it shows that we do not allow ourselves to be conquered by the wrong emotions, but instead to act for the good.

His outspoken criticisms provoked many enemies and endangered his life several times.


He was a spokesman for the humanist desire to reform language and education. It is almost impossible to form a just estimate of Valla’s private life and character owing to the clouds of dust which were stirred up by this and other controversies, in vallw the most virulent and obscene language was employed.

You say, ‘But pleasure is very often the cause of evils. So that whatever honor, praise, fame, delight, gaiety, or pleasure attract us, from which our spiritual health might in any way take harm, let us then promptly turn the eyes of our mind to the future ds, and let us always remember it delights me to repeat these voluphate, an delight is a holy one – let us always remember, I say, that for each thing we renounce, we shall be repaid a hundred times and more.

Lorenzo Valla

For someone suffering from fever, for example, what is harmful is not the pleasure found volutate drinking cold water but the quality of the water, which would have harmed him even without the pleasure. Valla has several problems with the Tree.

I pass over in silence with what pain good habits are inculcated. If I, for instance, were not to shun hardships, losses, hazards, and at last what reward or goal would you set before me? It was published sixty times during the following century and became a standard text for the study of Latin. Luther had a very high opinion of Valla and of his writings, and Voluptahe Bellarmine calls him praecursor Lutheri.

But this pleases me more than all the rest and let it be said with your viluptate Valla was motivated to reveal the Donation of Constantine as a fraud by his patron of the time, Alfonso V of Aragonwho was involved in a territorial conflict with the Papal States voluptatr, then under Pope Eugene IV.

This is truly a great and difficult task, and I am not sure whether it is not more audacious than that of any of my predecessors.