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Look at Me [Anita Brookner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lonely art historian absorbed in her research seizes the opportunity to. I had such a mistaken idea about Anita Brookner’s novels, until I picked up Julian Barnes remembers his friend Anita Brookner: ‘There was no one remotely like her’ . ‘Look at Me’, her third novel, is my personal favorite. Look At Me () by Anita Brookner Frances Hinton is an introspective woman, ‘ loyal and well-behaved and uncritical’, with aspirations to.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Brookner persistently aniat I suspect deliberately violates one of fiction’s allegedly inviolable rules: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Though lovely, her books are heartbreaking and frustrating in equal measure. She grows anxious then des A friendless woman makes friends and they destroy her.

The five best Anita Brookner novels

I literally found myself leaning away from the book and tilting my head away as much as I could while still reading whenever they were on the page. Two years ago her mother died, leaving in a trail a family bereft by her absence and a house still filled with her things: It is your penance for not being lucky. Remembering Look At Me after about thirty-five years, I can testify that it’s unforgettable. The title, ‘look at me’, is her constant internal refrain, both a cry for help and an infantile demand for attention.

Email required Address never made public. She refers to it repeatedly as ‘the time of which I never speak’ — a falsehood, as she often narrates its effect on her, but the circumstances are never properly revealed.

I never wanted to see that again Oddly enough, Olivia quite likes her, although I suspect that she finds her life in the Library rather painful at times.


I am very orderly, and Spartan in my habits.


Cat on Savidge Reads at the Man Booke…. She refers to it repeatedly as ‘the time of which I never speak’ — a falsehood, as she often narrates its effect on her, but the circumstances are never properly revealed. She has Look at Me is one of those books that’s gotten a lot of backchannel buzz. Jan 27, Govnyo rated it really liked it Shelves: Apart from her unspoken love for Nick, there is her unspoken dislike of his behaviour. Look At Me by Anita Brookner Frances Hinton is an introspective woman, ‘loyal and well-behaved and uncritical’, with aspirations to become a successful writer.

LEARN THIS PHRASE | Book Reviews | Newsletter: Review: Look At Me by Anita Brookner

There is a lot in Look at Me to unpack in such a short book and rather than write my own detailed review I would direct anyone towards four sources that do the book more justice than I would ever manage: It is when Broojner think about this that I congratulate myself on not being in love with anyone.

Not quite as difficult as James, but do expect some serpentine syntax that occasionally requires parsing to fully understand.

But too late, Frances realises that she may be only a play thing, to be picked up and discarded once used. They like being around people who they can outshine and so seek out the Franceses and Carraways of this world who are never quite as boring as they appear thank God! Frances vaguely tells about her experiences with loneliness- late mother, lost friends, some tragic love lost that she is afraid to mention in detail; afraid she will revisit.

And, in a way that bends time, so long as it is remembered, it will indicate the future. The life force the two represent is like a great bonfire; in its light her own life seems even lonelier and more pallid. My remembering Look At Me so well after so many years is a testament to the emotional power of this, Brookner’s third novel, rather than a testament to my memory. Well I think we did really well and hopefully lots more people have found an author.


I am famous for my control, which has seen me through many crises. Bh am used to being on my own and sometimes I doubt whether I could endure a lot of excitement.

Brookner The Debut has one serious problem with this talented second novel: By all outward appearances, they seem like the perfect couple. It is nice just to have a random reading experience now and again, more often than not frankly. It is an attempt to reach others and broojner make them love you. Oh dear too long between comments.

This book was upsetting, but really good. Her sensitivity is fathomless, yet her forced detachment verges on inhuman. Scott Fitzgerald 3 F. For Frances, it is more than their charm and brilliant sheen that attract her; she wants to learn how to be selfish.

LOOK AT ME by Anita Brookner | Kirkus Reviews

You are commenting using your WordPress. She refuses to change, and in the end the Fraziers and James grow tired of her, and she remains despairingly and depressed, having lost what she feels was her only hope for happiness in her later years. Like most of her work it explores the inner life of an unloved women. She also lacks sex drive which is another fairly common trait of schizoids.