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analyses of essential oils of Lippia origanoides H.B.K grown in Colombia. Liliana Betancur-Galvis1, Bibiana Zapata1, Armando Baena2, Juan Bueno3. Lippia origanoides Kunth. Verbenaceae, is of great importance in the Brazilian traditional medicine. Because of it, this work had the purpose to contribute to the . Methods and Results. The composition, antimicrobial activity, mutagenic and toxic potential of L. origanoides were determined. Then, the effect.

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AJPS Most popular papers. This work describes the chemical composition of the essential oils extracted from fresh leaves of Lippia origanoides Kunth.

Brazilian Journal Microbiological, 35, Monoterpenes and drug Thymol, carvacrol, p -cymene, trans -beta-caryophyllene, origanoies and beta-myrcene and other standard substances for the analysis of essential oils were from Sigma Chemical Company St Louis, MO, USA.

Call Send a quick message. Lemongrass Oil in New Delhi. Verbenaceae, is of great importance in the Brazilian traditional medicine.

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Chemical composition of pippia Lippia origanoides essential oils and their antigenotoxicity against bleomycin-induced DNA damage.

Novel antifungal agents, targets or therapeutic strategies for the treatment of invasive fungal diseases: In Central America and Colombia, L. Braz J Med Biol Res ; Lippia origanoides are the kind of shrub which belongs to verbena family and basically a flowering plant.

AssisJuliana de AndradeDavid L.

Lippia Origanoides Essential Oil at Rs /kilogram | Natural Essential Oil | ID:

In our study, only thymol and carvacrol were active against the fungi evaluated, however, their MIC values were higher than those found for the 3C and 7G oils.

Journal of Stored Llippia Research, 45, A total of 35 quilombolas from the five communities studied, twenty women and fifteen men, were interviewed.


Comparative study of the ofiganoides composition of the essential oil of Lippia oreganoides collected in two different seasons in Venezuela. Animals All experiments were performed using male Swiss mice g obtained from our own animal facilities.

The antimicrobial activities of the essential oil of L. El carvacrol y el timol, los principales componentes, no fueron activos frente a A. In spite of the existence of several L. The essential oils were shown to be potential agents in the integrated management of the aphid Myzus persicae Sulzer. Literature on chemistry and pharmacology of this species are still scarce.

Both oils were thymol chemotypes. Comparison of different extraction methods for the analysis of volatile secondary metabolites of Lippia alba Mill.

Another possibility is that these applications could be related with uterine cervical dysplasia or uterine cervical neoplasms. Industrial Crops and Products, 29, The various components were identified by comparing their retention indices RI 11and the mass spectrum of each GC component to those of standard substances. To examine the correlation between oil activity and orgianoides major components in situ, percentage composition of the major components of the oils were screened with oil antifungal activity in a Cox model.

Lippia Origanoides Essential Oil

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of oriiganoides Lippia species have already been described Table 1for their essential oils Mendes et al.

Moreover, it also deserves attention the antispasmodic activity demonstrated for thymol and carvacrol Begrow et al. Chemical and antimicrobial analysis of essential oil of Lippia origanoides H. The findings suggest that there are different chemotypes for this species, in a way similar to what happens with Lippia ljppia 5. The antimicrobial activity of four commercial essential oils in combination with conventional antimicrobials.

The chemical composition, antifungal and cytotoxic activity of nine essential oils obtained from L. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Lippia Origanoides Essential Oil is extracted by using steam-dragging distillation method Botanical Name: Similarly to the previous model, all doses tested significantly reduced the licking response.


All experimental groups were composed by mice.

Lippia origanoides Kunth — The Plant List

References [ 1 ] Dixit, S. At successive intervals of 30 min after oral administration of L. Furthermore, Origanum and Thymus species, also rich in thymol and carvacrol, have been reported in the literature to have potential antispasmodic activity for the treatment of origwnoides cramps and stomachache Chishti et al.

These activities have been associated with the aromatic monoterpenes for the first study and with the presence of the flavonoid naringenin for the latter. According to these criteria the 7G oil was very active against A.

Essential Oils from Lippia origanoides Kunth. Antinociceptive activity of Amazonian Copaiba oils. Antimicrobial activity of the essential oil from Lippia sidoidescarvacrol and thymol against oral pathogens. J Chromatogr A ; J Ethnopharmacol ; Another group is headed by L. Thymol and carvacrol were the major components that were more closely associated with oil antifungal activity for Candida species. Among the six compounds tested, carvacrol and thymol were the most active against the fungi evaluated.

The results showed that the leaves or aerial parts of L. Recent trends in the epidemiology of invasive mycoses. Its green oval leaves are employed as a condiment due to their thymol and carvacrol content and as a traditional medicine flower and leaf infusions 9,8. Thomas Publisherp.