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and purple scale (Lepidosaphes beckii Newm.). The outbreak of scales is associated with mild climatic conditions, especially high relative humidity in the air and. Lepidosaphes beckii (Newman) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) seasonal abundance on sour-orange, Citrus aurantium trees was carried out in Kafr El-Sohaby, at. The ecology of the purple scale Lepidosaphes beckii (Newman) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) was studied on citrus, in the area of Kalamata.

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Between andA. You could not be signed in. When there are high numbers of scale, defoliation and twig dieback can occur; this usually takes place in limited patches on the lower north side of trees.

Several predators including the twicestabbed lady beetleChilocorus spp. Purple scale may be a major pest of citrus, attacking the leaves and fruit. Reducing the rate of carbaryl increases survival of natural enemies.

Lepidosaphes beckii

Close Find out more. Cookies on Plantwise Knowledge Bank Like most websites we use cookies. The purple scale, Lepidosaphes beckii Newmanhas been reduced from the 4th most important pest of Texas citrus to an incidental pest by the introduced parasite, Aphytis lepidosaphes Compere. Knowledge Bank home Change location. Oil sprays for the California red scale also control the purple scale.

Lepidosaphes beckii

Dunn, Badger Farming Co. The immature male cover is shorter and much narrower than the female cover. Nymphs lepidosapges adults suck sap from the foliage and branches and spread to the fruits, causing disfiguration, which decreases market value. Lepidosaphes beckii Newman Taxonomic placing: Two generations occur between May and October and a third may be partially completed before cold weather starts. Purple scale; citrus mussel scale Geographical distribution: The dorsal macroducts are two-barred, the six pairs on the margin of the pygidium are extra large.


The evidence of complete biological control is the scarcity of the purple scale during —73 and the ability of the parasite to suppress the relatively small numbers of scales that increase following applications of carbaryl, sulfur, and azinphosmethyl. However, such combinations are highly detrimental to natural enemies, possess high mammalian toxicity and should be avoided except in extreme emergencies. When choosing a pesticide, consider information relating to air and water quality, resistance management, and the pesticide’s properties and application timing.

Areas surrounding scales remain green long after the rest of the fruit ripens. The shield of the female is elongated up to 3. Thus, spread of infected material can be reduced by pruning and allowing adequate spacing between plants throughout cultivation.

As a result tree growth is stunted. Highly toxic to bees; do not spray directly or allow to drift onto blooming crops or weeds where bees are foraging. These predator and parasite populations can be disturbed by the use of broad-spectrum insecticides.

Spread of these parasites has occurred as a result of introduction to control the Florida red scale Chrysomphalus aonidumand through accidental spread with its hosts. The sites where the fruit-infesting scales had fed remain green at color change, detracting from their market value.

The pale-yellow body of the female is elongated, narrowing anteriorly.

The females are larger than the males, and never by any chance leave the spot where they first fasten themselves: Aphytis melinus, which has been used in the widespread control brckii the red scale Aonidiella aurantiialso attacks L. Description of the pest Damage Management.


Like most websites we use cookies. Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual solutions to specific pest problems. Heavy infestation can also lead to leaf fall and leaf and shoot malformation; and in extreme cases, host death.

purple scale (Lepidosaphes beckii)

They concluded that treatment should be begun as soon as scales are detected, even in small numbers. Go to leepidosaphes map Apparently wherever citrus is grown; in the Middle East Cyprus, Israel, Turkey since the beginning of the 20th century.

Purple scale is one of the armored scales. Parasites usually provide good control of purple scale. Don’t have an account?

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Citing articles via Web of Science 4. Entomological Society of America members Sign in via society site. Agave sisalana sisal hemp.

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Universal Chalcidoidea Database, accessed 22 January The dorsal ducts are arranged in transverse rows. The male is winged, white-yellow in color. Insect Growth Regulators used in the control of scales have been shown to disrupt the fecundity and egg viability of Chilocorus sp. Not all registered pesticides are listed. Always read the label of the product being used. Serious hazards are associated with oil sprays to green lemons because of phytotoxicity after sweating; check label for preharvest interval.