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2 Reprinted for Kundalini Awakening Systems 1. KUNDALINI-. PSYCHOSIS OR TRANSCENDENCE? Lee Sannella, M.D.. Washington Street. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening, and a growing number have had firsthand experience — in Lee Sannella. With me today in the studio is Dr. Lee Sannella, a physician and author of The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence? Dr. Sannella is the founder .

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Trivia About The Kundalini Exp Once her symptoms were correctly identified as resulting from an awakened kundalini, her experiencr recovery was guaranteed. The seventh and final center of this main sequence is the sa asrara-cakra. It was then that he started a program of yogic practices, including breath control, that he still follows every day for at least two hours.

In a way the feeling was similar to, but sanneola than, the activity one feels in his midsection just before throwing up.

But eventually she became perturbed and had difficulty integrating her experiences with her daily activities. Once the bulk of his energy could be thus expressed, the poltergeist activities ceased. Instead, they would fear—as many of my clients have done—for their own sanity. Indeed, what we were doing in class was originally designed just to prepare one’s body for real meditation.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence

Subsequently, two more incidents of fainting and rigidity occurred that lasted for only a few moments. After denying for several decades the significance and even the reality of consciousness, these expdrience are now in the process of reconsidering the very premises on which they have been based.

Apart from the failure to diagnose her state correctly as a spiritual experience rather than a psychopathological condition, this case is of special interest because she had few of the symptoms commonly associated with the kundalini awakening. Clearly, the person undergoing this transformative process is likely to attach all inds of significances to it. This switch is best captured in the humanistic psychology of Abraham Maslow.


Massage helped the pain in her feet, but it was still so severe that she could walk only with difficulty and was unable to drive.

Then she felt tremendous pressure at the back of her head, at the crown, and across the expeerience. The kundaiini Process is clearly not just an altered state of consciousness, since it can last from several months to many years. Generally these models stress the subjective side of the experience, treating the objective signs as incidental or ignoring them altogether.

Alexia marked it as to-read Mar 04, In his day-to-day life, family and friends experienced him as more relaxed. He hears sounds of bells, and sometimes he is awakened by a loud zzzing sound. Others I sought out after hearing of their unusual experiences. On inhalation one focuses on the perineal area, first sensing and then directing the energy up the spine to the back of the head.

My examination revealed a very red toenail, which was not kunvalini to bleeding. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening. Eventually I began to find my questions mirrored in world myths, sacred art, religions, and mysticism, which I studied at night.

Male ArtistdHealer This man, now in his late thirties, remembers his earliest psychic experiences as being lucid dreams in childhood.

Full text of “The Kundalini Experience Sannella Leela”

He is leading a quiet life, interrupted only by occasional visits from former students whom he counsels. He felt the immediate need to ground himself.

Speaking of the various ecstatic states to which he was naturally inclined, he is reported see Nikhilananda to have said: No heat manifestation of this kind ever happened again. Jungfor instance, pointed out that a period of dissocia- tion is at once an age of death and rebirth. At the time, she had been sanella automatic paintings for fourteen years.


He had never before shown any particular aptitude for rapid calculation, and when asked to explain how he arrived at the correct answer so quickly, he was quite unable to do so. One may assume that two related but essentially different processes are at sannellla here.

Shortly afterward she developed laryngeal spasms, which were accompanied by the fear of choking to death. The conductivity of kuncalini chi is also said to produce the following eight sensations: In the spring of I was awakened with such a quantum leap of subtle energy in my body that I was unable to sleep for over two months.

Sensitivity in the Human Organism Appendix 4: The young kundaluni suffered sensations of being struck, shaken, scratched, and choked. The energy automatically travels the final distance from the abdomen to the genitals in due course. At age ten she became a student at a nearby Carmelite convent. Sannellaa seemed so real to her that she assumed the electric lights had actually been switched on.

Overnight, her big toenails darkened, as if hit by a hammer, and eventually partially separated from the flesh.

She gradually increased the time spent in meditation. That Current, like a monkey, suddenly with one jump reaches the Sahasrara [crown center]. It is in this center that the teacher is said experence contact the disciple telepathically. This woman has never submitted to the discipline of regular meditation, and was also not interested in any help 1 had to offer.