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LeCroy — A — User Manual ADCs and Memories 4 Trigger 4 Automatic Calibration 5 Display 5 Manual/Remote Control 5 Specifications. LeCroy Service Manual. Identifier LeCroy__Service_Manual. Identifier -ark ark://t47q2vs Ocr ABBYY FineReader A DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE SERVICE MANUAL North American Headquarters: LeCROY Corporation Chestnut Ridge Road Chestnut Ridge, NY.

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Trigger Calibration Constants Scan by Paladinmicro – paladin paladinmicro. This is realized by increasing the beam ON control timing by nsec. Trigger timing date and time is logged in the memory status menu.

Talker must hold all data lines steady until all listeners have released this line, i.

The assures precision measurements over its entire range of operation. After that delay, the vector is drawn on the screen.

Stop electronic waste – fix it yourself

No controller is needed in this mode. The 16 lecfoy DAC controls the variable gain. Attached to the coil are four permanent magnets to compensate for the pin cushion effect caused by the coil and the CRT. The administrator has the mznual to edit, move or remove any comment for any reason and without notice.


Calibration Error Log Scan by Paladinmicro — paladin paladinwicro. Some other available Serial to Parallel converters need power through the RS lines.

LeCroy 9450 Service Manual

A points waveform will use 2 bytes per point in word format plus bytes of waveform descriptor, for a total of bytes. Proceed to voltage adjustments with a very small screwdriver. These display formats can all be se- lected via menu options. Waveform operations can be performed on live, stored, processed or expanded waveforms.

If one neglects the losses in the yoke and the yoke driver, the maximum attainable velocity is: Turn off all the traces, except CHI. All signals except RREQ lecroh low until access can be granted. This results in the following limitation: In this way the envelope of all waveforms is accumulated for up to a maximum of 1 , sweeps.

LECROY SCH Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Make sure that the guiding notch in the chip is aligned with the PCB reassemble scope and check that it boots up properly. Being in a position to influence future test gear purchasing habits of PhD graduates and research departments, LeCroy is firmly at the bottom of the list.

From what I have lecroj on this forum, it appears that Le Croy is quite helpful and have a very positive approach. TT Min i 3!


Comments 0 No comments yet. This option is used for lower timebase setting. To remove it, first remove the top and bottom covers, and the power supply support Resulting spectra are also calibrated in conve- nient decimal Hertz values.

The top trace is the maximum execution time, i. Calibrated vertical scaling – Flattop truncation win- dow provides precisely calibrated vertical scaling for all spectral components. Whenever a given data point of a new acquisition exceeds the existing data point of the stored waveform, the old data point is replaced by the new.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. The replacement board is supplied without this PAL.

This limits the length of two-axis vectors possible in pratice, as outlined in the next paragraphe. The current causes a voltage drop due to the internal output impedance of the multiplier, up to V. At one point, the internal buffer size of the DSO is also reached. Tektronix PS or equivalent.