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Adipus · Asterix · Baba · Cacofonix · César Drinklikafix · Erix · Fibrositus · Fishfingus · Fulliautomatix · Goldenslumbus · Gracchus Armisurplus · Hydrophobia. Astérix – Le tour de Gaule d’Astérix – n°5 (Aventure D’asterix) (French Edition) [ Rene Goscinny, Albert Urdezo, Albert Uderzo] on *FREE* shipping . The Adventures of Asterix (French: Asterix or Asterix le Gaulois) is a series of French comic books written by Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo.

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The sack carried by Obelix reflects the race leader’s jersey tokr yellow — with a patch for the number. After beating up the Romans at the prison, Asterix declares it is too late to buy any of Divodurum’s specialties and decides to buy some in Lugdunum. Leaving Rheims, the e detours into a forest, where f scent of roast boar leads them to the house of Unpatriotix, who feeds and then betrays them.

Centurion Lotuseatus warns him the Gauls are dangerous, but the attack goes ahead, only to be soundly repelled. Asterix and the Banquet French: The Gauls stop in a humbug shop to buy boiled sweets, but are spotted by a Roman patrol, which they beat up, trashing the shop in the process.

Astérix – Le Tour de Gaule d’Astérix – nº 5 Edition limitée

They are found by Spongefingus, who has recovered from astdrix “accident,” but Asterix knocks him down by using a cork exploding from an amphora. However a ‘helpful’ Roman Soldier picks up the pebbles for the Roman Official, trapping him in the maze also. Roman soldiers come to the house but capture only Asterix, as Obelix is out hunting boar.

The next morning, Asterix and Obelix pursue the thieves, who are caught by a Roman patrol and mistaken them for the Gauls. Jellibabix gives the duo a parcel of sausages and meatballs, and arranges a chariot for them.


Cait marked it as to-read Apr 09, Upon arrival, Asterix and Obelix negotiate the traffic jams and buy a ham from a pork butcher shop, where from this point on, Dogmatix unnamed until the next adventure follows the duo through Gaul.

Unfazed by the damage, the shopkeeper says Gauls are aware of the bet and then demonstrates his solidarity by knocking out the patrol leader.

Asterix and the Banquet

The Gauls stop at Cesar Drinklikafix’s inn where, aside from having goat’s milk and boar, they buy fish stew. Fearing detection by a Roman patrol, they purchase a gleaming used chariot and handsome horse from a dishonest salesman to make their escape.

Asterix maps out a route, while Obelix fetches a large bag to hold their shopping. Eventually, Asterix and Obelix reach the stockade outside their village and, after beating up the Romans yet again, give them a message to tell Overanxius they have won their side of the bet.

Out on the road, the centurion rides on ahead to bring over the prefect, but in his absence, Asterix and Obelix beat up the Romans again, make off with the cart, and buy sausages in Tolosa.

Martine rated it it was amazing Jul 15, The Gauls are chained up, but repeatedly break their chains, much to the blacksmith’s dismay. What the druids have to say about the album This is the album that will seal the phenomenal fate of Asterix.

Asterix and the Banquet Tapidesourix T Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Le tour de Gaule d’Astérix | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Wifix Asterix at the Olympic Games. M added it Dec 30, In order to design our website optimally for you and to continuously improve it, we use cookies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. First, however, they must outwit the thieves Villanus and Unscrupulous.


Want to Read saving…. Naveed Iqbal is currently reading it Mar 31, Inspector General Overanxius arrives in the fortified Roman camp of Compendium on a mission from Julius Caesar to lead the local garrison against the village of indomitable Gauls.

Open Preview See a Problem? The two break through the stockade, while the other villagers create a diversion by attacking the barricade on another front. Richard Lattmann rated it it was amazing Jun 03, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Asterix and the Banquet – Asterix – The official website

Christopher rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Richard rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Asterix and Obelix make their way to the Normandy region, where a Roman patrol recognizes them. Suspecting betrayal, Asterix orders Uptotrix to taste the boar, which causes him to fall unconscious, although Obelix is unaffected despite eating the rest of the boar. Goscinny — Drawings by: Next morning, they beat up the Romans, but then surrender after gakle the centurion intended to take them to Tolosa gxule cart.

Undeterred, Overanxius erects a stockade around the village to prevent the inhabitants from spreading their rebellious ideas through Gaul. Gaul, now France, has always been famous for its food and drink — so when, for a bet with the Romans, Asterix and Obelix travel round collecting local delicacies they start on the journey home with all sorts of goodies.

Asterix bets that he and Obelix will escape the village and go on a tour of Gaul, collecting regional culinary specialties for a banquet upon their return.