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Fenix LD10 R5 LED Flashlight The Fenix LD10 is a multi-purpose flashlight with 4 brightness levels that allow you to choose between maximizing your. Cette lampe peut produire lumens en mode turbo. Son autonomie exceptionnelle allant jusqu’à 34 heures (puissance 9 lumens) ravira professionnels et. Brand: Fenix Model: LD10 Lamp Beads: Cree R5 Beads Number: 1. Lumens Range: Lumens Luminous Flux: LM Feature: Lightweight,Stainless Steel.

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Mine just came today I bought this light based more on your prior reviews of older Fenix L series lights.

FENIX LD10 – lumens

I am surprised at how, non perfectly flat, the turbo output is when using Eneloops. Selfbuilt is it amazing what you do, elaborating all those charts and graph feix have take some time. How about low mode of LD10 on a zinc-chloride cell, medium mode of LD20 with 2 x zinc-chloride, low mode of LD20 on 2 x zinc-carbon You are a gentleman, and a flashlight scholar. With the bezel fully tightened, activation yields Turbo.

Fenix LD10 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight with CREE XP-G R5 LED Lumens – 1 x AA

It is mild on my two samples, but you may want to consider the OP reflector versions, just in this case. Now, you will need to stick with parts from ldd10 new generation.


The super turbo mode is a nice surprise bonus to have. The Fenix LD20 Q5 was my first decent light.

If you want to get into esoteric testing Last edited by MichaelW; at Yeah, I guess Fenix didn’t get a chance to optimize for the Rebel. They seem to have used unobtainium in the driver circuit or something.

Fenix LD10 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight with CREE XP-G R5 LED 100 Lumens – 1 x AA

You tested the L1D rb, but you also tested the L2D rb80? That is utterly impressive. Note that the reflectors are NOT user-swappable. WOW brightest single AA light!! Note that the LDR4 still lacks defined initial output levels on The main difference with an OP reflector would likely be slightly reduced throw and a greater corona around the hotspot i.

But I suspect most people would have expected to see more of a bump in output here. Originally Posted by richardcpf. The light instead runs max output direct-drive at all levels, and only enters regulation when the battery is almost exhausted.

The Hi mode alkaline run is particularly impressive. As you can see above, my samples came with a smooth reflector, but I believe OP textured is also available. Otherwise, not much has changed from previous versions.

Long live the Fenix circuits! No doubt about it — if you want to impress someone with how bright a 1xAA light can be on standard batteries, this is one to do it with.


But how long it will take is hard to predict — it depends on the exact Vf of your sample. Originally Posted by selfbuilt. Last edited by richardcpf; at What happened to the L2D rb? But the L1D rb80 is still around at eliteled, I think http: For comparison an Eneloop shows lm and a lm.

For General modes, starting with the bezel slightly loosened, click on to activate Lo mode. One thing that has changed is the screw threads — they are now square-cut on both the tail and head sections.

And though I generally don’t recommend alkalines, the LDR4 is probably one of the lc10 lights you could run them in i. As the runtimes clearly indicate, lower output levels appear to be current-controlled.

Build-wise, I like the extra knurling on the body and good-quality removable clip. How do these new lights stack up to the l10 It is not at all distracting in this case.

Like with many XP-G-based lights with smooth reflectors, there is some evidence of a slightly dark centre to the hotspot i. The time now is