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Book review of: Language Contact by Yaron Matras,. , Cambridge University Press, p. ISBN: Evangelia Adamou. Buy Language Contact (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) by Yaron Matras ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . In Language contact, author Yaron Matras presents ‘the state‐of‐the‐art in a wide range of sub‐fields in contact linguistics, both synchronic and.

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Clause combining, ergativity, and coreferent deletion in Kurmanji. Grammaticalisation and language contact. Scholarship and the Politics of Romani Identity: Contact, connectivity and language evolution. Utterance modifiers and universals of grammatical borrowing.

Why is the borrowing of inflectional morphology dispreferred? Leglise, Isabelle; Chamoreau, Claudine, editor s. University of Liverpool Press. The replication of linguistic matter.

Loanwords congact the world’s languages: Who are the Gypsylorists? A grammatical sketch of Domari. Text version can be viewed here. The development of the Romani civil rights movement in Germany Cambridge University Press Amazon. Click title to download Matras, Yaron. Deixis and deictic oppositions in discourse: A comparative handbook review. This page contains a selection of downloadable journal articles and book chapters.


Contact, convergence and typology.

Yaron Matras

The challenges of language codification in a transnational context. Confact Linguistics Roma Rights Quarterly 1: Mapping the Romani dialects of Romania. Anthropological Linguistics Fact Sheets on Roma.

Standardization beyond the State: Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project. The role of language in mystifying and de-mystifying Gypsy identity. Acta Linguistica Hungarica 46, languwge The future of Romani: Studies in Language 31, Strategic and Conceptual Issues.

The Indo-European language family: Universals of structural borrowing.

Language Contact – Yaron Matras – Google Books

He has published widely on the linguistics of Romani including Romani: Journal of Pragmatics Semantic-typological aspects in an areal perspective. Cultural hybridity, contact, and contrast: A different kind of language?

For further information about my languaye interests, academic biography and current projects, research supervision, teaching, and book publications please consult my personal university staff page. The role of the Romanies.

Language Contact Manchester

The Romani dialect of Parakalamos. The status of Romani in Europe. Romani Studies contatc, Vol. Drawing on the author’s own first-hand observations of child and adult bilingualism, the book provides a clear analysis of such phenomena as language convergence, grammatical borrowing, and mixed languages.


Multilingualism in a post-industrial city: Connectivity in Grammar and Discourse. Toward a policy of linguistic pluralism.

Romani Studies5th series, 10, Defining the limits of grammatical borrowing. Linguistic universals and language variation.

Languages of the world. Mediterranean Language Review 11, Modals in the Languages of Europe: