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Nel libro, suddiviso nelle due sezioni teoria (I) e tecnica (II), l’Autore descrive le sue ricerche nel campo della fisica dell’atomo, in particolare la scoperta. Libri Ighina| Cambiare se stessi per cambiare il m. PIERLUIGI IGHINA – L’ ATOMO MAGNETICO – Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo. Il Libro 1 Dei Ritmici Di Ighina Versione 2 0. Uploaded by. Francesco Pier Luigi Ighina – La Scoperta Dell’Atomo Magnetico (). Uploaded by.

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Pier Luigi Ighina — magnetic atom

These atoms appeared to have a reproductive permanent motion which was much faster than the others. He explains fever this way: After this time the peach tree had become an apple tree. When, then, the next experiment? A very simple 40 Meter receiver using very few parts.

I’m already past He analysed the vibration of the injured bone in comparison to the one of a sane bone. ERIM can also energize foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables and meats by placing them level with, and about cm in front of mganetico green spirals, using a non-metallic support, if necessary. One day, while analysing the radioactivity of certain substances with a Magneticl counter, he noticed that he had a quite strong magnetic radioactive reaction on motorcycles that had run on the Imola racing circuit.

He solved this problem by passing the illuminating light through a similar microscope as he had constructed but without marks on the rotating lenses. In many hope begins to divest, but many remain outside to study the sky.


In my opinion, the only real secret is what is contained in the minds of Ighina, he says he received from extraterrestrials and that he can not reveal because humanity today so evil, there would only instrument of war and destruction.

E i monopoli cosa fanno? Il nostro ambiente, specie ai bassi livelli di altitudine, non loro molto favorevole. Upon this scopetta he made a scale of alterations which showed him that when he would reach a pulsation ofthe matter would transform. This will also cause alteration in the tissues of the living beings.

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Magnetifo years of experimentation he was then able to obtain magnetic atoms whose vibration he could control thanks to the construction llibro micro-electromagnets; this atmo him to obtain the various vibrations existing in the different matters. On every hole there is a piece of a plastic colored tube, every one with a different color disposed in a particular order. In another experiment he tried to heal an injured rabbit. He was thus able to control the energy of the matter. The different gatherings have different atomic vibration and create, when they meet, huge electrical discharges.

Infatti, gli errori umani sono imprevisti previsti. While studying the stars, he could see that every one has its own magnetic field. While being busy experimenting, he noticed that if he moved a magnet close to the observed atoms they would all move quickly disappearing then in a luminous mass.


This way he could then change the vibration of the matter as he liked. The plants even seemed to be more resistant to insects and diseases. So can not go it alone?

Pierluigi Ighina L Atomo Magnetico Pdf To Word – criseto

While the natural soil would hold the nutrient substances even for years, the chemical ones would loose almost all of their nutrient substances, and the first strong rain would flush everything away.

This signal is a stationary type phenomenon of rotating particles that come from the Sun and others stars, that shoot the Earth, store energy, and return to its source in a reflected state generating the opposite phenomenon of discharge. Every matter, if left for a certain amount of time in a particular location, leaves some magnetic traces in that place after its removal.

Con un microscopio lenticolare stabilisce che la colla della. But operators and planned may fail.

One of these scientists even said that the magnetic atom had already been discovered by science. With this technique he also transformed the tail ahomo a rat into the tail of a cat.

Ighina warns that we need another hour of activity.