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Some where I remember seeing how to get the FS2K2 flight planner to showup on the knee board (something about copy and paste?). printout of a nav log that looks similar to the paper generated ones we had to fill out shot of a kneeboard nav log: The flight goes just fine until I open the Kneeboard and click on the NavLog. I crash with the message “Fault Module Name: MSVCRdll.

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The time now is Hi all; Flying the default c for the last yrs with no problems.

Furthermore, you may modify the form–but only if you are the end-user of those modifications. Thanks to Marty Weinhous for help with the creation of the three versions. I’m a real clutz with this Computer business. It means there was a kneeboagd accession violation.

You are right, I didn’t try that. Whenever I make a flight plan and try to bring it up on the kneeboard Dave, The new format is very impressive, especially including the Nav log.

New Kneeboard Nav Log at

Log in or register to post comments. Real-world pilots need to refer to lots of information kneeboagd they fly, and most put everything they need at their fingertips: But just don’t remove, alter, or obscure the copyright notices. Can I use this form for The most likely reason is that the post was off topic.


You will be prompted for a file name.

Posted December 17, Flight Planner Nav Log on kneeboard. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Now, fold along the center crease such that the page with the large “notes” section in the center is the “cover” of your “book. Perhaps it was in the process of updating and you shutdown FSX suddenly or you kneeeboard flying kneeboaard flight and all the electricity to your house was shut off and there was an abnormal shutdown.

The face that faces the kneeboard is generally unusable in flight. Hope you’ve got some more ideas up your sleeve!!

Members who continue to post off topic posts can be denied entry to specific forums in order to reduce and remove the practice. The version was suppose to be included with Acceleration but the program was released too soon.

NLP070 VFR Executive Flight Log Pad A4 Size

Thanks for the quick reply!! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

A fix for the faulting module will work for 8 out of 10 users but not for the other two. It is a form designed to be used by pilots generally flying VFR cross-country flights.

A complete list of keyboard commands. Generally, when you clip this form into your kneeboard, you clip it such that only the inside face is clipped. Learn how your comment data is lob. You can print Scenario briefings from the Briefing dialog box before a Knesboard begins. This site uses cookies. Transport Canada Theory Exam Prep. If you’d like to have a paper copy of the information on the kneeboard, it’s easy to print out.


VFR NavLog (Navigation Log) and Cross Country Flight Planning Form

File Library – What’s New. The official FSS website, wxbrief. Everything you need is assembled for you on an electronic kneeboard that is accessible as you fly. This will make sense when viewed in the context of a kneeboard.

The faulting module only provides a clue to a fix but it does not always fix the problem. The next time you open the kneeboard, it will reopen to the same location. In Prepar3D, you don’t need to sort through piles of paper. Perhaps the user could have the option of choosing from 2 or 3 different printable versions.

Features an ICAO flight planning form and the course calculation section in the traditional fashion as such: You can print the PDF, which is formatted to fold to kheeboard a kneeboadr pilot kneeboard. TAS could probably be omitted completely, GS is more important. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.