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Common Name: variable flatsedge. Family Name: Cuscutaceae Species Code: CYDI Native Range: Southern Europe, Africa, Asia, and. Whole plants, Roots fibrous; tubers dark brown to black, irregularly shaped, cm long when fully grown. Each tuber has an apical bud and several lateral buds . Plants also recover quickly after fire and can tolerate at least several weeks of deep flooding (Cook et al., ). Currently, C. dactylon is listed.

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Achene beak length 0 mm Achene surface texture the achene has very obvious pits or depressions on it Achene tubercle relative width NA Achene tubercle width 0 mm Capsule relative length NA Fruit cross-section the fruit is triangular to terete circular in cross-section Fruit length 1.

Small Ruminant Research, 48 2: The runners spread horizontally and bear nodes with internodes of about 10 cm length. Smooth or slightly scabrid on the midrib and marginflat, linearcm long or often two-thirds of the plant height, mm wide, usually 3 spreading leaf-like bracts. University Press of Hawaii. Most seeds of C. Environmental weeds and exotic plants on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. Weed Technology, 16 4: Invasive species threats in the Caribbean region. Reduced herbicide rates for large crabgrass Digitaria sanguinalis and goosegrass Eleusine indica control in bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon.

Cyperus procerulus Nees Cyperus pseudovariegatus Boeck.

Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association, Clarke Cyperus ochreoides Steud. Weeds of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. The status of weed control in Jiangsu Province of China. Permukaan atas daun rumput teki berwarna hijau mengkilap klazifikasi panjang 10 sampai 60 cm, dan lebar 2 sampai 6 cm.


Cyperaceae – Cyperus difformis L.

University of the West Indies. Comparison of auto-ecology of purple nutsedge Cyperus rotundus L. Intensive use of the same weed management protocols, such as paraquat in coffee or triazine herbicides in maize, can promote the establishment of high populations of C.

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Science. Umbi-umbi ini biasanya mengumpul berupa rumpun. Thus, its likelihood of invading new habitats remains high. Flora of Tropical East Africa. Biological control of tropical grassy weeds.

Riceweeds en – Cyperaceae – Cyperus difformis L.

Competitive effects of three perennial weeds, Cynodon dactylon L. Dominancia apical nos rizomas de Cynodon dactylon L. Retrieved July 4, On the rates of spread of alien plants in Britain. It grows very well on all soil types including black peat soils and performs equally well at pH 5 to xyperus Holm et al.

This beverage may be drunk cool in hot summers.

Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft fnr Technische Zusammenarbeit, pp. Chemical Control Like C.

Cyperus iria

Leaf blades are open up to the base, unhaired, similar or shorter than the length of the internode. It is a staple carbohydrate in tropical regions for recent hunter-gatherers and is a famine food in some agrarian cultures. One or more of rotndus features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using.

National Germplasm Resources Laboratory. Efficacy of a new formulation of glyphosate for control of Bermuda grass Cynodon dactylon in citrus orchards.

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Survival and dormancy of purple nutsedge Cyperus rotundus tubers. Bahama grass; couch grass; devil grass; dog’s tooth grass; quick grass; star grass Spanish: Common Bermudagrass Cynodon dactylon competition in cotton Gossypium hirsutum. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 34 7: Risk of Introduction Top of page The risk of introduction of C. Weed flora of Japan.

Cambridge University Press, Although it is not native to Bermuda, C. Invasive alien species in the Austral-Pacific Region: Glyphosate reduced the dry weight of C.

Each node is covered by a white cataphyl. Sugar Journal, 58 The effects of different herbicidal combinations on weed management in soyabeans have been investigated by Jadhav et al. Cyperus rotundus is one of the most invasive weeds known, having spread out to a worldwide distribution in tropical and temperate regions.

The effect of glyphosate applied using two volumes of water on purple nutsedge and three perennial grasses.