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I am drawing inspiration from the Kill Bargle adventure in dungeon but find it a bit disappointing. It is too many kobolds and not enough mad. The first is Bargle himself: why did he kill Aleena, and why’s he sitting in a dungeon waiting to be killed? The second was Venthavaxus: what’s. The Gold Dragon Inn is a fairly typical inn, in the usually quiet town of Stronghold. Yet it’s oddly quiet, today. Ordinarily, the tavern should be.

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I knew I should have left well enough alone, but nooo, I had to go and try to make some easy money The cleric turns and runs in that direction, waving her mace and shouting. AC apparent age Maybe he’s some sort of playwright.

Do players not take any damage from Bargle if Bargle wins the roll? Last edited by Archwizard; at She wails and falls with a sigh, collapsing in the middle of the room. Last edited by Steward; at There would come a point when the PCs might have run into Bargle, and either he would overpower them or the PCs would fry his worthless hide. As far as the castle goes While his companions stave off the attacks of Xanthus’s guards including the mage BargleHaldemar attacks the king with a feeblemind spell.

Does the next lowest dice roll become charmed? Through special arrangement with Bargle the Infamous, renowned self-made archwizard, the BeB Magic Company presents the gift for the adventurer who has everything: Using information and contacts established by his spy network, Commander Broderick arranges a meeting with one of King Xanthus’s top aides – a mage named Bargle.

He glanced around the room as his comrade continued to pack, now not even trying to conceal his attempts to discern which of those in the room were fellow adventurers. Can’t stand bounty hunters, frankly. She kept silent until the tall robot “Good ‘meat’ shield that one.


The plays all woke up naked and in a cell with nothing to their names except a loin cloth. Perhaps we should travel together.

The Voyage of the Princess Ark wrote:. It seems they will be useful in going after this criminal. I don’t know much.

She hasn’t given any details of what happened. I think it’s time for you to go to sleep now.

While von Hendriks waits for Bargle’s magic to grant him victory, the wizard loots the baronial treasury and then uses a teleport spell to go far, far away. On the one, her bounty reward would be significantly cut to ribbons by iill presence of others on their little mission.

The history of Bargle the Infamous | BoardGameGeek

We don’t know killl specifics, but he has had enough time to dig in at the castle. Add tags Tags separate by space: People whisper of dark magics and of secret, dangerous experiments he performed on humans and hin provided by von Hendriks.

Group of mercenaries came through here two years ago and cleared them out, and within two months, they where back to raiding caravans again. Bit of a shock for him when he came home to a three year old son. I blogged about it yesterday: Will there ever be a Kill Bargle Vol. All these are vital to this site, and you have my sincere thanks for participating in any of them. Now, you will kill Bargle!

Dungeon World: Adventure Conversion for Kill Bargle! – neuronphaser

Any mechanical traps — of which there are a couple in the adventure, like crushing pistons, and whirling, bladed statues — will have similar form and function. Baron von Hendriks suspects Threshold of housing such a mint, and is gathering more information through his network of jill and agents such as Bargle the Infamous.


I was playing this with my kids and these situations occurred and I found that they were not exactly covered in the rules. A lean, handsome man, Bargle can be charming which it suits him. All that remained was to see who would be accompanying him.

Dungeon World: Adventure Conversion for Kill Bargle!

Word was passed that they would wait as long as it took to get a barglw minutes of my time. We use affiliate links in our articles and some widgets to make some extra coins to keep this site up; use ’em to support us if you like our content! He’s really a sweet baryle man. Comes with being a myth, I suppose. Aleena was such a promising young cleric. Aleena can’t find Bargle, and is starting to look worried.

After all, the first session would determine a lot about the game, so you want to save the Fronts for later. Bargle’s a bit of a mystery, frustratingly. No one would have thought something like this would happen to her. Using Bargle as messenger, King Xanthus invites Commander Broderick to discsuss an alliance in the comfort of his secret base. Upon uttering the command word, the wands shoot fireballs into the narrow tubes, which channels the flames out with great force.

Are they holy men themselves? Saturday, 6th September, ,