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peting theories of vagueness. Nonetheless, when Tek is borderline tall, it does seem that the unclarity about whether he is tall is not merely epistemic (i.e. such. Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness by Rosanna Keefe, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this book Rosanna Keefe explores the questions of what we should want from theories of vagueness and how we should compare them. Her powerful and.

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They do not have a license to form beliefs beyond their evidence. Metaphysics and Semantics ,Oxford University Press.

In Defense of Pure Reason: Language is an outgrowth of human psychology. He would continue to assert it. Since epistemicists try to solve the sorites with little more than a resolute application of classical logic, they are methodologically committed to a partisan role for logic.

The contrast is further complicated by the fact that most words are also general. So one cannot conclude that vagueness is linguistic merely from the premise that vagueness is representational. These charts are not entirely decisive tehories they do not reflect the ratio of fat to muscle, whether the child has large bones, and so on.

Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Selected Philosophical Essays Ernest Sosa. Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Thdories supervaluationists countered that indecision is functional. Comparison with Ambiguity and Generality 3.


Some electrical circuits are isomorphic to tautologies but this does not make the circuits tautologies. This contrast between vagueness and ambiguity is obscured by the fact that most words are keefs vague and ambiguous.

Keege has syntax but too little semantics to qualify as language. Supervaluationists encourage the view that all vagueness is a matter of linguistic indecision: Facts, Values, and Norms: A shrug of the shoulders signals readiness to go either way, not ignorance as to which possible world one inhabits.

David Barnett – manuscript.

There is a little diffuse reference through devices such as musical quotation, leitmotifs, and homages. If a word is vague, the speaker cannot resolve the borderline case.

Theories of Vagueness – Rosanna Keefe – Google Books

Many-valued logicians note that the error vagieness are imputing to classical logic is often so small that classical logic can still be fruitfully applied. Philosophers have long motivated appeals for an ideal language by pointing out how ambiguity creates the menace of equivocation: This the wrong medium for the message. Debate over the margin for error principle draws us deep into epistemology and modality Yli-Vakkuri Leefe consensus was re-affirmed by Michael Dummett and ritualistically re-avowed by subsequent commentators.

Suppose Donald is borderline vagueneas and borderline bald. Schiffer also needs to accommodate the fact that some speakers are undecided about whether the nature of the uncertainty involves vagueness. Sign in to use this feature. Have curved lines and hence circles been proven to not exist?

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A precisification that draws the line across the borderline cases conserves more paradigm usage than one that draws the line across clear cases.

Cambridge Studies in Philosophy: Theories of Vagueness : Rosanna Keefe :

A World of States of Affairs D. Where does the tail of a snake begin? Discretion through gap-filling pleases those who regard adjudication as a creative process. Graff, Delia and Timothy Williamson eds.

An existentially quantified sentence can be accepted even when no instance is. Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. If you cut one head off of a two headed man, have you decapitated him? Find it on Scholar. Therefore, some music is vague Sorensen They think vagueness is a form of ignorance. The aptness of his generalization is not judged by its literal truth-value because it is obviously untrue.

Ot offers a calculus theodies this vagueness-related propositional attitude. Looking for beautiful books?

Mirror Sites View this site from another server: Her study will be of particular interest to readers in philosophy of language and of mind, philosophical logic, epistemology and metaphysics. Supervaluationism rigorously consolidated these appeals to ordinary language. Moreover, it seems that both vagueness and ambiguity ought to be minimized.