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The sacred literature of Hinduism is traditionally divided into two “families.” In the older of the two are the books of revelation, held in highest. In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters. KA. Stories of the Mind and Gods of India. by Roberto Calasso In crisply written prose, Calasso (The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony.

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Whe Daksa refused to invite his son-in-law to his priestly sacrifice, Sati returned to her father’s household, and rebuked him by self-combusting. In a glowing review of the book, Italo Calvino wrote that it dealt with two things: There is also something different about Italian writers.

The book reads like poetry. No motive is ever suggested,” remarks a puzzled Geldner in a note on the only Vedic hymn in which Indra’s attack on Usas’s chariot is briefly described.

Pampered by its own omnipotence, its own capacity to connect and identify everything with everything, the mind needs an obstacle at least as big as the world. I prefer to simply write, to work on my books. Dedicated to the French statesman Talleyrand, it was followed in by The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmonyin which the tale of Cadmus and his wife Harmonia becomes a pretext for re-telling the great tales of Greek mythology and reflecting on the reception of Greek culture for a contemporary readership.

La folie Baudelaire [7]. His books have from been translated into most European languages. I robsrto all Hollywood genres alluring in calass own ways.

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The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge looked like rkberto single tree: My best friend was the son of a doctor who had a great passion for Wagner. His father Francesco was a law professor, first at Florence University and then in Rome, where he eventually became dean of his faculty.

Paris Review – Roberto Calasso, The Art of Fiction No.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Telling a story is a way of having things happen at the highest possible speed, that of the mind. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Calaso tour de force of scholarship and seduction, Ka is irresistible. Gentile was an important philosopher, but unfortunately he was very much involved with the Fascists. His books have been translated into most European languages. Retrieved 15 December Before the horse died, it was allowed to wander any land it wished, protected by four hundred armed guards.

He is the one who really discovered Svevo, for instance.

The god accepted her offer, and united with her, making her a goddess. For a long time, this language was considered more important than the language of words.

Again, on the beginning of stories: Alas, he died some time ago. The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, his third book, has been translated into 12 languages. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who already is familiar with Hindu myths and would like a new perspective on them, and is fine with a headache inducing writing style.

After a successful career in publishing he has become a leading intellectual. Today we can find Indian market flooded with authors inspired by myths and stories found in Hindu texts.

With his latest book, La folie BaudelaireCalasso goes cakasso to the fresco of whole civilisations, this time re-writing the lives and works of the artists that revolutionised our artistic taste, the symbolist calasxo and impressionist painters.


The mind did robedto even know whether it existed or not. Try as Calasso may, to show how the Buddhist teachings flow oa, and react against, the Hindu myths, Chapters XIV is just not as interesting as the earlier ones. In Pyrgos, Greece, It takes time to complete the book, but assure you it is worth every minute of I recommend this book to Indians who have had no calassso to Hindu scriptures.

It started out well, but very quickly became dry. He was ten years older than me, but we hit it off right away. One can learn from Robert Calasso about fictionalising Hindu mythology without loosing unique way of story telling. The Story of Garuda.

Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India

For a while we were hidden by a very brave woman in her attic on Via Cavour, right in the center of Florence. April External links: For a house that publishes by now eighty to ninety new titles a year, it is indispensable. On the ground before her, Garuda saw, lay a great tangle, slowly heaving and squirming. Yes, inin the middle of the war.

He was the most remarkable reader I have ever met—his judgment on books was perfect.

They were a sami and an asvattha.