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José Saramago – Prose. English. Swedish · Portuguese . Original title: Memorial do Convento Copyright © José Saramago and Editorial Caminho, SARL. Con motivo del 50 aniversario de Alfaguara, este título ha sido elegido como uno de los 50 imprescindibles de la historia de la editorial. Results 1 – 30 of 35 Memorial Do Convento by Saramago, Jose and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The vast Portuguese Empire in Asia, Africa and South America, is very rich, money keeps flowing into the royal treasury, they are the envy of the rest of Europe, the all-powerful king can do anything he wants.

To ask other readers questions about Baltasar and Blimundaplease sign up. Interest in other aspects of the novel depends to some extent in whether one develops saaramago fascination with the history of Iberia and Portugal in particular. It helped me explore more about Portuguese culture, as well, and intrigued to go even deeper into it. Both books have painted different periods of history in Portugal, the early twentieth century in Ricardo Reis; the early eighteenth century in Memorial.

José Saramago – Prose

However the building was not finished. And equally ruthless towards monarchy and clergy. Want to Read saving…. The book sounds very interesting Dec 28, The portico columns clearly showed the neoclassical influence, complemented by several sculptures in the same style.

Anyway, I certainly recommend the book; there you can find picturesque description of early 18th century Portugal, a new standpoint to see the Lenten procession of penitents, and the march of enslaved peasants conscripted to work on the royal oath, which is going to be the convent of Mafra.

At twenty -one, the good-looking monarch feels a little insulted, because of his failures, but the House of Braganza will eventually rule for almost years, this small, ,emorial wealthy land then, and besides, other women have proven it’s not his faul King John V the Magnanimous of Portugal, is a frustrated man, to continue the royal dynasty children are obviously needed, set back in the year of our Lord, married two years to the devout Austrian Princess Maria Ana, and memoriap no babies.

E no final desta leitura dei por mim a perguntar-me: Work continued tillwhen the work force was needed in Lisbon to assist in the devastations of the Lisbon earthquake.

However, when the flow of gold from the Portuguese colony so Brazil started to arrive in Lisbon in abundance, the king changed his plans and announced the construction of a sumptuous palace along with a much enlarged friary.

A foundation with his name was established in convenho its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors. The interlocutors are not explicitly denoted and sometimes the reader has jos read back and forth to fully grasp the ideas. He meets a young woman in magnificent Lisbon, by the name of Blimunda, not the most romantic, enjoyable event, her disturbed mother, found guilty of heresy, is being exiled to Saramgo, in Africa, but first, a public flogging, seen by thousands of curious people, she will never return home, it’s the time of the Inquisition.


However, as I put this, I should also abnegate further connotations, which could be possibly evoked by the suggested tag, no matter what that supposed connotations would be: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Francis memroial promises that God will grant the King his wish, through their prayers, if a convent, monastery is built for that religious order, John the Fifth agrees readily, as soon as the Queen gives birth In early eighteenth century Lisbon, Baltasar, a soldier who has lost a hand in battle, falls in love with Blimunda, a young girl with strange visionary powers.

Cojvento a doubt, I will choose the latter —a thousand times over. View all 14 comments. This immense wealth allowed to king to be a generous patron of arts. There you can perceive the contrast between different points of views, i. The enormous effort in moving that huge stone is physically exhausting for the reader himself. They would kneel so often that actually did not get up from their knees at all. In a fanthasized way, surely.

The basilica was dedicated to Our Lady and to St. The plight of a woman, especially towards the queen, the horror to be the queen, for the grief to be a woman, “for the shame, this life that is; and for the death that comes” por el horror de ser reina, por el dolor de ser mujer, por las dos penas juntos, por esta vida que se va, dp esa muerte que viene.

It takes time to be read; yet, I can tell, the reading of the book is worthy of the spent time. Mar 05, K. His language yes in Spanish is some of the best I have read. Inquisition was one of the dark periods in the history of the Catholic Church when the supposedly holy people kill suspected people who are making facts with the devil so even Galileo was tried of heresy when he said mekorial the world was round memotial not flat as the Catholic religious used to believe.

After finally overcoming these frustrations, I must confess that I am now totally hooked on memotial style. Baltasar and Blimunda is overall out of the ordinary and a beautiful, beautiful book. For those new to Saramango, there will be the initial uphill battle of deciphering and decoding sentences four or five pages long, a lack of paragraph indentation and periods, and a plethora of commas separating dialogues, questions, and meomrial, of one to various characters— Saramango leaves it up to the reader to identify the speaker.


Return to Book Page. Nobel Prizes This year 12 new laureates have been awarded for achievements that have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind. It was as though I were a kid in a candy store! Baltasar and Blimunda is a love story so it is a good book for Valentine’s Day.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books sarzmago want to read.

José Saramago – Facts –

He does get a Child and the Convent of Mafra was his way of repaying the vow. View all 9 comments. Then Blimunda said, Unless we open the sail, we shall go convenho climbing, and we might even collide with the sun.

View all 5 comments. By the way, the intelligent Blimunda has a dark secret, she can see inside the bodies of people, with X -ray eyes and check their health, if found out by the notorious Inquisition, she’ll be inevitably burned at the stake, as a witch. Or when the German architect addresses the wealth of the king, he notes the endless money entering the mouth and leaving ” The language and prose is not only shockingly comical speaking of the queen as merely a receptacle for reproductionbut philosophical, brutal and beautiful.

“Memorial do Convento” de José Saramago by Diogo Santos on Prezi

There were thousands of Saramango books in the library, and the bookshop carried many of his major works; unfortunately, it only had one in en I picked up this book while traveling through Portugal this fall. I love almost everything related to the European Middle Ages and this novel was one of the best I’ve ever encountered on the topic.

The musician above has disappeared from sight, already he is beating a hasty retreat along narrow lanes away from the main road, perhaps if he were to raise his eyes he would see the Passarola once more, he waves with his hat, just once, better to dissemble and pretend that he knows nothing, this explains why they did not spot him from the airship, and who knows if they will ever meet him again. Be the first to ask a question about Baltasar and Blimunda.

They are given nicknames, Baltazar is Seven Suns because he can see clearly; Blimunda is Seven Moons because she she can see in the dark.