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In Jeff Speck’s excellent new book, Walkable City, he suggests that there are ten keys to creating walkability. Most of them also have something. Walkable City Rules. Steps to Making Better Places. pages 8 x 8 full -color photos/figures. Jeff Speck. Paperback. $ ISBN: In Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time (public library), city planner Jeff Speck, who spent four years leading.

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Congestion dropped 30 percent in the toll zone, and typical journey times went down by 14 jefff. Still and all, though, this was a great and important, did I mention important?

Jeff Speck – Wikipedia

While technically “Walkable City” is a book about urban planning which sounds potentially pretty dull this is a fascinating, entertaining book of relevance to anyone who cares about creating happier, healthier futures for human jdff. William Cline Speck has some opinions that surprised me — for instance, he’s against replacing curb parking with bike lanes, because he thinks parked cars make …more Speck has some opinions that surprised me — for instance, he’s against replacing curb parking with bike lanes, walkabl he thinks parked cars make pedestrians feel safe from moving traffic — but my guess is that you won’t learn much.

Its a drug, the addiction to fuel, taxes, and the endless self-perpetuating expansion of roads and worship of the automobile. I feel like I am living in the middle of everything he addresses here. Since childhood in Dublin I’ve seen that wealthier areas tend to have mature trees in gardens and on roadsides, while poorer areas do not; why did it take this bright man until middle age to see this at the prompt of a friend? As a fish needs to swim, a bird to fly, a deer to run, we need to walk, not in order to survive, but to be happy.

Coming from Paris, living a fairly active lifestyle and having spent some time studying transportation and urbanism, I don’t need to be convinced of the importance of walkability.

Speck confronts this task and makes acrobatic what could be pedantic. Sep 04, Hannah Reeves rated it really liked it Shelves: If a project turns out to be ill conceived or poorly executed, we will still be stuck with it for decades.


Does this book highlight or list the most ideal examples? Everyone in city government should be required to read this book. Castro street in Cit View. Focus on Intersections XVI. Jeff Speck is an especially able author and instructor in his field of architecture and urban planning. I leave it to the reader to take up the very worthy task of discovering those examples and benefiting from the wonderful walkable world jwff Jeff Speck.

WashingtonDC He writes with humor and verve, but with substance from deep experience. A highly recommended read! And the parking lot beneath my apartment building charged a small fortune in fees.

Jeff Speck: The walkable city | TED Talk

You can’t fix everything, so look for some quick wins, every city has them. A bike lane can carry more people per hour than an automobile lane.

This book outlines ten steps to making a city more walkable, and what it so fascinating is that many of the principles and their side effects are the opposite of what you would think. With his new book, Walkable City Ruleshe establishes himself as the most helpful. Hardcoverpages. Allow “granny cottages” which are small residences mixed in with the suburban single-family monotony.

Spek, interesting, and helped me understand why I like certain areas as well as future insights into areas I would want to live in the future.

Walkable City Rules

Thanks for telling us about the problem. He highlights the important battle between state traffic engineers for highways, and little towns that the highway goes through.

Bursting with sharp observations and real-world examples, giving key insight into what urban planners actually do and how ciity can and do change, Walkable City lays out a practical, necessary, and eminently achievable vision of how to make our normal American cities great again. The book also has a solid notes and bibliography section walkkable by books, articles, etc that makes it great for research. Walkzble kind of city will keep our citizens not just safe, but healthy?

I am a firm believer in walkability walkxble a solution for a lot of our modern problems, and this book reviews a 10 step solution in designing more walkabl As a person who is really interested in the possibility of creating better cities to solve 1 social problems such as inequality, 2 health problem that comes from lack of useful daily physical activities such as walking and 3 environmental problems that come from inefficient use of automobiles in our life, this book was basically created for me.


Another great read, one that gives any city the necessary tools to create a good walk. Speck introduces the book by explaining that it’s not the next great piece of urban criticism.

CDC, fully one-third of American children born after will become diabetics. And if your housing in the city centre is entirely pedestrianized with no parking spaces, how do they get to you in the first place? Like all great books, this left me wanting more and with a host of questions. Quotes from Walkable City: While the s oil crisis prompted European cities to retreat from auto-dependency, supporting instead cycling and soeck rail, the S;eck States was ‘lucky’ enough to walkablw new reserves Here again he covers all the ways that pedestrian zones can be built with the best of intention, and fail.

Monday, 22 October – 1: Freedom for many in this generation means living in walkable, accessible communities with convenient transit linkages and good public services Christopher Leinberger, p. The long-time city planner and co-author of Suburban Nation has a handbook for making cities more livable that is accessible to ordinary citizens.

Making walkability happen is relatively easy and cheap; seeing exactly what needs to be done is the trick.

On street parking ccity neighborhoods safer and increases walkability. We’re told by the author, who is heavily anti-car, that American cities are designed around cars and have requirements for large amounts of parking per built unit. We must transform disease-promoting places into ones that walkble human- and health-friendly. I had gained thousands of dollars in transportation savings and also developed a deeper understanding of my city by experiencing it at a walking and biking pace.