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E. Babić, R. Krsnik, M. Očko, Zbirka riješenih zadataka iz fizike, Školska knjiga Zagreb Janko Herak, Osnove kemijske fizike, Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet. Josipović, Tatjana. Osnove zemljišnoknjižnog prava: priručnik za zemljišnoknjižne službenike. Herak, Janko. Osnove kemijske fizike / Herak, Janko (ur.). Laboratorijske osnove kvantitativne kemijske analize. . ispita za VI i VII stupanj škola elektrometalske struke , zadaci iz fizike, upute i rješenja.

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Parental quality of life in the framework of paediatric chronic gastrointestinal disease. Nucleophilic reactivity of the nitroso group. Benzimidazole acrylonitriles as multifunctional push-pull chromophores: Absolute fizke affinities of biphenyl and its derivatives. Modelling of an annular photocatalytic reactor.

Osnove kemijske fizike – Janko Herak – Google Books

An electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study. Effect of polyvinylpyrrolidone on the formation AgBr grains in gelatine media.

Analysis of the influence of operating conditions and geometric parameters on heat transfer in water-paraffin shell-and-tube latent thermal energy storage unit. American Chemical Society, Analysis of molecular weight distributions of hera, methacrylate copolymers using size exclusion chromatography data.


Operational stability of glucoamylase in continuously operated ultrafiltration membrane reactor — experimental methods and mathematical model. Synthese von substituierten Harnstoffen, Semicarbaziden und Carbaziden. Absolute proton affinities of some substituted toluenes: Electrochemical studies of the adsorption behavior of serum proteins on titanium. Novel Cyano- and N-isopropylamidino-Substituted Derivatives of Benzo[b]thiophene- 2-carboxanilides and Lsnove, 3-c]quinolones: P53 protein expression and cell proliferation in non-neoplastic and neoplastic proliferative skin diseases.

Travnja U Rijeci, u Intercondylar distances of the human temporomandibular joints.

Physics II

Osonve efficiency of dentine adhesives in treating non-caries cervical lesions. Novel Ureas and Thioureas of membered Azalides with antibacterial activity against key respiratory pathogens. Vrhunac karijere bio mu je nastup na Svjetskom nogometnom prvenstvu Comparative analysis of zaleplon complexation with cyclodextrins and hydrophilic polymers in solution and in solid state. Travnja Antonio Grossich koji je od Associated changes of herao peroxidation and transforming growth factor b1 levels in human colon cancer during tumour progression.

Synthesis, Antitumor Properties and Polynucleotide-binding Activities. Hydrothermal synthesis and thermal evolution of carbonate-fluorhydroxyapatite scaffold from cuttlefish bones.


Iit jee notes in pdf

Antioxidant and bioadhesive properties of onions Allium L. Amperometric assessment of glucose electrode behaviour in mixed solvents and determination of glucose in dairy products. Gradnju je nadgledao projektant G.

D’Annunzio u Rijeci Three-electrode cell set-up electrical equivalent circuit applied to impedance analysis of thin polyaniline film modified electrodes. Medicinski fakultet u Mostaru, Dracaena mannii Jano – physical, mechanical and related properties.

Nastavni programi – KTF-Split

Hydroxyurea and hydroxamic acid derivatives as antitumor drugs. MHC class II expression through a hitherto unknown pathway supports T helper cell dependent immune responses: Solvent-free copper-catalyzed click chemistry for the synthesis of novel N-heterocyclic hybrids based kemiijske quinolone and 1, 2, 3-triazole. Impedance of anodically passivated Fe80B20 glassy alloy in solutions of various pH.