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If you think that the best response to religious extremism is to laugh at it, then James Hogg’s most famous work, published in , demands. Citation for published version: Fielding, P , ‘The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner’. in The Edinburgh Companion to James Hogg. Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner study guide contains a biography of James Hogg, literature essays, quiz questions.

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The accoutrements of the genre are all An eerie Caledonian fable about religious dogmatism, which works simultaneously on dozens of levels — higg, intellectual, generic, geographical — and all of them engaging. They find ma bits o’gibes come hame to their hearts wi’ a kind o’ yerk, an’ that gars them wince.

Hogg was a shepherd poet, with only six months of formal education.

If had read this as a teen I would have been horrified when out on my newspaper route at 4 AM. Conveniently, as one of the elect, his lies, cruelty and murders cannot be held against him, since his salvation is already secured.

I felt that the torment he suffered as the devil’s follower was, in a way, the logical conclusion of his irrational beliefs. When you see my brother, make sure it’s not me, I’ve got to the stage I can’t tell who we’ll be, That loveable fellow who’ll buy you a drink, When he’s drunk, I’ll change in a wink into The question the book satirises is — if one is predestined for salvation, does that mean one can sin free of consequences?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A book the likes of which will not be repeated, I hope!

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg – Free Ebook

I felt as one round whose body a deadly snake is twisted, which continues to hold hoogg in its fangs, without injuring him, farther than in moving its scaly infernal folds with exulting delight, to let its victim feel to whose power he has subjected himself …. Set out within the framing mechanism of a forgotten manuscript found and presented to the reader this Calvinist inspired horror story is set around the year in Scotland, and features the involvement of a mysterious diabolical figure in a sibling rivalry, or maybe it doesn’t, let’s allow the narrator to confuse things: Robert is the author of his confessions, so there is a degree of bias in everything he says.


May 17, Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont rated convessions it was amazing. The “Sinner” of the title, who believes that predestination governs the world and sees himself as elect, goes about murdering those who would sully God’s good plan and because God has already decided they deserve it.

Ian Rankin loved this book and I think he is a source that any crime fiction fan could trust. With a detail of curious traditionary facts and other evidence by the editor is a novel by the Scottish author James Hoggpublished anonymously in Nov 11, Lynne King added it.

There are veiled thoughts on marriage and inheritance at play, poky pines towards Church imposition. The Private Memoirs tells the story of the fervent and utterly self-righteous young Calvinist Robert Wringhim — and boy, could I have wrung him!

A mildly entertaining look at an issue of much relevance: A “post-modernist” early 19th century Scottish novel featuring multiple narratives and at least one–possibly three–unreliable narrators, “Sinner” is a curious congeries of doppleganger tale, abnormal psychology, moral fable, anti-Calvinist satire, and historical fiction with a little comic relief thrown in.

On the day that Robert is told he is one kames the elect, he meets a mysterious young man under whose spell he gradually falls. Mortal consequences are trivial when compared to the immortal salvation his soul will receive.

The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

I was under the greatest anxiety, dreading some change would take place momently in my nature; for of dates I could make nothing: Note that it was written inaround the same time as Frankenstein. Hogg never reveals the full truth!

If you suffer from sleeping problems, I highly recommend this book. When George Colwan, Laird of Dalcastle, takes a much younger bride, the marriage is doomed from the beginning.

The purpose of the book is to show how Robert became who he was and who influenced him to such a degree. The plot is a satire on the Calvinist doctrine of predestination: At the same time the main character’s narrative is distinctly easy to understand – a young Calvinist, believes he is numbered among the elect and believes firmly in what is sometimes called double predestination happens to meet a mysterious stranger who might be Tsar Peter the Great of Russia view spoiler [ well known for his habit of wandering Europe incognito and inspecting the fortifications of towns that he would later attack hide spoiler ]or who might be the Devil himself, or who might well be a state of mind because reading the narrative with carefully crossed eyes one notices how dreadfully incorporeal this mysterious stranger is.


Personally I saw this book as a good example of what might happen when you tell a lot of people that they have an unlimited get-out-of-hell-free card.

Is this a kind of joke hermeneutics? The supernatural elements are also built up sinnfr a scaffolding of fascinating religious debate that comes out of the split between Calvinists and religious liberals in Scotland in the nineteenth century. Someone is saying prayers for me, The grace I earn I never see, In all things he do, I interferes, All I know is trouble as soon as xonfessions appears. Then there are the elements of the double to consider. It tells the story of a ‘justified’ sinner, who believes he’s already one of God’s elect on Earth, and therefore his place in Heaven is alre I first read this at university, but pf that it was long past time confessione reread it.

Books by James Hogg. Brocken spectre with a gloryan atmospheric effect of light which has powerful instrumental effect in one of the scenes from the novel Confessions of a Justified Sinner.

He becomes enamoured by this being, which completely transfixes him. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This page was last edited on 13 Augustat Anyway, that was the l The dark side of Predestination I first discovered this book when I was perusing the shelf of a friend of mine from university and the title literally jumped out at me.

I was predestined and ordained from the beginning of time to love this book.