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Iucunda sane IntraText: full text, concordances and frequency lists. This article contains a list of Encyclicals of Pope Pius X. Pope Pius X issued 17 Papal Iucunda sane, On Pope Gregory the Great, 12 March 4. 2 Pope Pius X, Iucunda Sane, Back to text. 3 Pope John Paul II, Veritatis Splendor, 65, Back to text. 4 Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Persona.

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The whole human race, fed on this sublime ideal, raises magnificent temples, and here in the House of God, as in its own house, lifts up its heart to heavenly things in the midst of the treasures of all beautiful art, with the majesty of liturgical ceremony, and to the accompaniment of the sweetest of song. Joyful indeed comes the remembrance, Venerable Brethren, of that great and incomparable man, the Pontiff Gregory, first of the name, whose centenary solemnity, at the close of the thirteenth century since his death, we are about to celebrate.

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When Gregory assumed the Supreme Pontificate the disorder in public affairs had reached its climax; the ancient civilization had all but iucuhda and barbarism was spreading throughout the dominions of the crumbling Roman Empire.

We must, above all else, have recourse to prayer, both public and private, to implore the mercies of the Lord and His powerful assistance. My Father worketh till now, and I work?

The times are indeed greatly changed. Share your thoughts with other customers. Gregory himself calls the Church of Rome: Most prudent father of the family of Christ that he was Joann.

It was not merely by profane science or the “persuasive words of human wisdom I Cor. But Jesus remains for ever the corner stone of human society, and again the truth becomes apparent that without Him there is no salvation: Don’t have a Kindle?

And to the Emperor Maurice: When We glance around from the walls of the Vatican We find that like Gregoryand perhaps with even more reason than he, We have grounds for fear, with so many storms gathering on every side, with so many hostile forces massed and advancing against Us, and at the same time so utterly deprived are We of all human aid to ward off the former and to help us to meet the shock of the latter.

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Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. At His feet we must prostrate ourselves to hear from His divine mouth the words of eternal life, for He alone can show us the way of regeneration, He alone teach us the truth, He alone restore life to us. Gregory succeeded in his own times in strenuously stimulating this spirit of energetic action, lucunda such was the impulse given by him that the same spirit was kept alive during the succeeding ages.

The Complete Works of Saint Augustine: In this error, which is the chief one of our time and the source whence all the others spring, lies the origin of so much loss of eternal salvation among men, and of all the ruins affecting religion which we continue to lament, and of the many others which we still fear will happen if iucund evil be not remedied. And you know well my ways, that I am longsuffering; but when I decide not to bear any longer, I face danger with a joyful soul” Registr.

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For given a false philosophical principle everything deduced from it is vitiated. Looking for beautiful books?

Take away the principle that there is anything iucunnda outside this visible world, and you take away all check upon unbridled passions even of the lowest and most shameful kind, and the minds that become slaves to them riot in disorders of every species. For all supernatural order asne denied, and, as a consequence, the divine intervention in the order of creation and in the government of the world and in the possibility of miracles; and when all these are taken away the foundations of the Christian religion are necessarily shaken.

Supernatural force ssne never during the flight of ages been found wanting in the Church, nor have Christ’s promises failed; these remain today just as they were when they brought consolation to Gregory’s heartnay, they are endowed with even greater force for Us after having stood the test of centuries and so many changes of circumstances and events. Nay, authority will never be able to heal other evils as long as it forgets or denies that all power comes from God.

In this error, which is the chief one of our time and the source whence all the others spring, lies the origin of so much loss of eternal salvation among men, and of all the ruins affecting religion which we continue to lament, and of the many others which we still fear will happen if the evil be not remedied.

From all this you will easily see, Venerable Brethren, the absolute necessity imposed upon every one of us to receive with all the energy of our souls and with all the means at our disposal, this supernatural life in every branch of society – in the poor working man who earns his morsel of bread by the sweat of his brow, from morning to night, and in the great iucuna of the earth who preside over the destiny of nations.

Iucunda Sane (March 12, ) | PIUS X

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. But everything we have indicated for you we shall obtain much better by prayer than by our discourse. To iucujda exercise of this charity let us dedicate ourselves wholly; let all our own affairs give way before iucunad, let our personal interests and convenience be set aside for it, making ourselves “all things to all men” I Cor.

This principle has created sacred art, which became and still continues to be the foundation of all profane art. There are many too, firm in the faith, who accuse critical science of being destructive, while in itself it is innocent and a sure element of investigation when rightly applied.

Not Enabled Word Wise: By that God who killeth and maketh alive, who humbleth and exalteth, it was ordained, not, We think, asne a special providence, that amid the almost innumerable cares of Our Apostolic ministry, amid all the anxieties which the government of the Universal Church imposes upon Us, amid our pressing solicitude to satisfy as best We may your claims, Venerable Brethren, who have been called to a share in Our Apostolate, and those of all the faithful entrusted to Our care, Our gaze at the beginning of Our Pontificate should be turned at once towards that most holy and illustrious Predecessor of Ours, the honor of the Church and its glory.


Moreover, he inculcated the iuucnda which we frequently find in his writings in such form as this: Very delicate and fragile of body though he iucundw, and constantly afflicted by infirmities which sanee times brought him to the point of death, he yet possessed an incredible energy of soul which was for ever receiving fresh vigor from his lively faith in the infallible words of Christ, and in His Divine promises.

Showing of 1 reviews. The scandal of the Crucified will ever furnish us in the future, as it has done in the past, with the most potent of all weapons; now as of yore in that sign we shall find victory.

List of encyclicals of Pope Pius X

He opposed energetically the unjust claims of the Byzantine Emperors; he checked the audacity and curbed the shameless avarice of the exarchs and the imperial administrators, and stood up in public as the defender of social justice. How much thought, therefore, Venerable Brethren, must the Bishop seriously take with himself and in the presence of God before laying hands on young levites!

But the pilot raised up by God had a strong hand, and when placed at the helm succeeding not only in making the port in despite of the raging seas, but in saving the vessel from future storms.

Kingdoms and empires have passed away; peoples once renowned for their history and civilization have disappeared; time and again the nations, as though overwhelmed by the weight of years, have fallen asunder; while the Church, indefectible in her essence, united by ties indissoluble with her heavenly Spouse, is here to-day radiant with eternal youth, strong with the same primitive vigor with which she came from the Heart of Christ dead upon the Cross.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Catholic Catechism of Saint Pius X Human science gains greatly from revelation, for the latter opens out new horizons and makes known sooner other truths of the natural order, and because it opens the true road to investigation and keeps it safe from errors of application and of method.

Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? He was the restorer of Christian life in its entirety, stimulating the devotion of the faithful, the observance of the monks, the discipline of the clergy, the pastoral solicitude of the bishops.