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HDPE Pipes: Specifcations. Specification: IS with latest amendments. Material Grade PE All dimension are in mm. OD PN PN 4. PN 6. PN 8. Dinesh Irrigation Private Limited offering Is HDPE Pipes in Jhotwara, Jaipur , Rajasthan. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. | ID: We are leading manufacturer of HDPE pipes as per IS The best quality raw materials are procured to offer the pipes meeting the highest quality.

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The resulting dimension shall be expressed to the nearest 0. Phadnis Alternate Shri S. Such tests, therefore, need be applied only when a change is made in polymer com- position or method of manufacture, or when a new size of pipe is to be introduced.

Nominal Diameter DN 1 16 20 25 32 40 50 63 75 90 PN2. The test pressure p shall be calculated as follows from the minimum dimensions given in the Table 3 or 4 or 5, as the case may be and the corresponding induced stress values given in Table 6.

These innovative facilities are in the forefront of product development, which go forward the most careful, vigilant standards of product testing based on national and international standards. Datt Alternate Shri K. Our Company is enjoying technological advantages with latest equipped on-site laboratory at manufacturing plant.

For guidance and use of random number tables, IS A mark shall be scribed on the external surface approximately 50 mm from each end of pipds test pieces in the axial direction of pipe, in the case of complete section of pipe, the mark shall be scribed around the whole circumference. This standard was first published in and revised inand However, occasional rise in temperature as in summer season with concurrent corresponding reduction in temperature during night has no deleterious effects on the life and working pressure of the pipes.


HDPE Pipes – Jain High Density Polyethylene Pipes

Registered under Indian Companies Act Pipe manufacturers shall obtain a certificate to this effect from the manufacturers of raw material. NOTE — Considering operational problems, maxi- mum wall thickness of pipes are considered around 63 mm. The temperatures, duration of test and induced stresses for the test shall conform to hdppe specified in Table 6.

These stripes shall be coextruded during pipe manufacturing and shall not be more than 0.

Full text of “IS high density polyethylene pipes for potable water supplies”

Patel Alternate Dr H. Sauce Alternate Shri S. The material of pipe thus produced shall conform to requirements of 5. In the absence of a random number table the following procedure may be adopted. K Pandey Alternate Shri C. No other reworked or recycled material shall be used.

In this fourth revision the following major changes have been affected: The glass plate with the test pieces shall then be placed in the oven heated to test temperature and capable of maintaining continuous forced air circulation. Number of Employees 51 to People.

Our entire product range is well-tested. The anti-oxidant used shall be physiologically harm- less and shall be selected from the list given in IS I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The material of the stripes shall be of the same type of resin, as used in the base compound for the pipe. Yadav Alternate Shri G. Get Best Price Request a quote. Sinha Alternate Shri O.

Hdpe Corrugated Subsoil Drainage Pipe. The lot shall be considered to have satisfied these require- ments, if the number of defectives found in the cumula- tive sample is less than or equal to the corresponding acceptance number given in col us of Table 7; otherwise iiOi. Hdpe Coil Pipe in Jaipur.


Is 4984 HDPE Pipes

Alternatively and for higher sizes, the diameter shall be measured preferably by using a flexible Pi tape or a circometer, having an accuracy of not less than 0. The lot shall be considered to have met the requirements of these tests, if none of samples tested pipee.

Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of ‘BIS Handbook’ and ‘Standards Monthly Additions’. Pipes for sewer- age and industrial effluents are being covered in a separate standard.

Full text of ” IS For pipes to be coiled, the ovality shall be measured prior to coiling. Legal Status of Firm Private Ltd. Sharma Alternate Shri O.

Copyright BIS has the copyright of all its publications. Slight shallow longitudinal grooves or irregularities iu the wall thickness shall be permis- sible provided that the wall thickness remains within the permissible limits. Year of Establishment View Contact Call Seller Now. If any of the samples fails in the repeat tests, the typeof pipe shall not be approved.

C-1,2 Thermometer — Graduated to 0. The composition of technical committees responsible for the formulation of this standard is given in Annex D.

Plb Hdpe Duct in Jaipur. Hdpe Double Wall Corrugated Pipe. Call Send a quick message. The material of the pipe thus produced shall conform to the requirements of 5. Regarding guidance for laying and jointing of polyethylene pipe, including storage and handling, a reference may be made to IS Part