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The aforesaid, is aimed to establish if effectively is fair to identify the ipsum esse subsistens with the idea of God considered as the separated being from Platonic . URAM) in their existence or esse. 9. Referring to St. Thomas’s concept of God as Ipsum Esse Subsistens, i.e.,. Subsistent Being Itself, Jacques Maritain. Aquinas wrote that God is “ipsum esse subsistens,” translated by Bishop Robert Barron as “the shear act of ‘to be’ itself.” So the idea of God not simply as a noun.

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Pascal makes a similar gambit, as does Lev Shestov. I always thought that was a rather curiously mysterious way of revealing oneself. As a corollary, anything you can name, i.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He in Whom Being self-exists, the Fullness of Being, remains ever beyond all that we can affirm and negate. From what I’ve seen, dig deep enough in a particular hole, be it theoretical physics, statements about God, etc. Aseity has also been criticized as being logically incompatible with the concept of God as a being or of God as existing.

I hope that this response has helped you to understand what Catholics really believe about God. God and Philosophypp.

He is a God who is subssistens particular and personal friend to every person of faith. In the context of this discussion, the current article intends to review the most outstanding texts where Aquinas considers the being of God issue, and calls Him ipsum esse subsitens, as well for the passages in which he talks about the being of God as his being suum esse.


Aquinas argue from the non-aseity of the universe to the existence of Godthis problem is somewhat theoretical. And so it is with all beings.

Ipsum Esse Subsistens – The Sheer Act of “to be”

Perhaps you have even begun chanting the famous memorial of Pascal: I would like to sincerely thank you for writing comments on my blog. The proper distinction between Creator and creature cannot be adequately stated in the terms of the biblical narrative, though it first emerges and is apprehended within this narrative.

Whether they exist or do not exist, their Entish nature remains the same. I am always happy to see that people visit my blog. See Godel’s incompleteness theorem, the particle vs.

God is love not a lover. To avoid the devolution of affirmation into idolatry and negation into nihilism, theology which accounts for divine transcendence can only be done properly by analogy.

The arena of the sure and the familiar is after all the setting in which God manifests Himself, so it is argued. Retrieved July 15, This shows that we cannot picture God as something physical, but instead something beyond the realm of science. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

In particular we want to see how the God whose essence is his existence is also personal, indeed Person. Ghazali and Ibn al-Arabi asserted a related concept known as “wahdat al-Wujud” in Sufi literature. It is event, a dynamic presence and self-revelation.

I strongly recommend this book for those whose interest was piqued by God-as-verb in place of the God-as-teapot canard.

Five ways, five philosophical proofs for the existence of God. God contains within what he is the reason that he is; we do not. I agree, but I note that the Eastern doctrine that God is above Being seems to exegete Scripture with equal plausibility, which wsse a certain loose fit in both cases.


But what is it to be? They do not contain existence within themselves but must receive it from their transcendent source. Given that most theists understand all that is not God to be brought about by God, and that many for example, St. At minimum, Boyd should wonder why patristic practice makes use of allegory in order to avoid saying unworthy things subsjstens God.

The aorist tense implies that everything that exists other than God came into being at some time in the past. Any substantial revelatory sense should be aware of the necessity of rising above a literalist positivism and hence, the need for some kind of hermeneutic that understands the holism of revelation granted finally by the Gospel. The Being and his Being in Thomas Aquinas. Conceptions of God Attributes of God in Christian theology.

Whether or not this being should be described as God turns on whether the label ‘Creator’ is a rigid designator of God. I am feeling pretty silly now. The persuasiveness of the five ways, therefore, depends on our grasping the critical Thomist insight—the essence of God is his existence. But more, of course, needs to be said. One might think, as philosophers both before and after Aquinas did, that existence should be described as a property that something possesses my Collie has the properties of sable-and-white fur, a long nose, and a sweet disposition … and by the way, she also existsbut Thomas denies this.