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Solutions to Atiyah and MacDonald’s Introduction to. Commutative Algebra. Athanasios Papaioannou. August 5, Introduction to. Commutative Algebra. M. F. ATIYAH, FRS. I. G. MACDONALD. UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. I. ADDISON-WESLEY PUBLISHING COMPANY. Atiyah and Macdonald explain their philosophy in their introduction. Two radicals of a ring are commonly used in Commutative Algebra: the.

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Introduction To Commutative Algebra – M. F. Atiyah, I. G. MacDonald – Google Books

I don’t think a page of Eisenbud and a page of Atiyah—Macdonald are comparable in any meaningful sense. Prerequisites for Atiyah Macdonald Ask Question. Errata for Atiyah-Macdonald Ask Question. To be frank, MO just turned out to be a repository for the Cassels-Froehlich errata rather than anything else.

That’s what I’ve heard a lot of people say that A-M is very dry, what about this Eisenbud text? Not everyone has had the benefit of learning so much, whether by their own efforts or otherwise, by the age of 16! Shouldn’t somebody make contact with Sir Atiyah? Oct 18 ’10 at KConrad, it is a subject that is not equisemantic with any proper subsubject.


A cursory Google search reveals a laughably short list herewith just a few typos. When I wrote the comment, I just wanted to add this little detail to your excellent answer. Note that almost all of the answers atkyah that thread were posted by me, and are of the form “prof X just sent me this big list”. Since the book doesn’t use or indeed, mention this language, it seems an answer should be possible without utilizing it; and unfortunately, that’s all I would understand at the moment.

G Mar 3 ’11 at Well, I was merely offering an opposing opinion, from the point of view of an undergraduate mathematician with a more conventional background.

Sign up using Facebook. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. To clarify, introductjon text of 5. It takes me longer to read a page of AM because it’s so algevra

Commutative Algebra

So, it’s very different to just posting once here and then sitting back and hoping which, Bg thinkis what is happening here, although I do apologise if I’ve got this wrong.

The reason I got so many was not because I posted here. Is there any source available online which lists inaccuracies and gaps?

Email Required, but never shown. I rewrote in a hopefully correct way the last edit. On page 31, the first line refers aiyah Proposition 2. In short, the first 4 pages of Atiyah and Macdonald should be in the nature of a review macdonalld you. On Chapter 2 p. Thank you for your kindness and patience with my glacial mental processing. The amount of commutative algebra one learns from this small, slender, book, with its hundreds of exercises, has always fascinated me.


It is a non-zero principal ideal.

If you take something like a reduced nonnoetherian ring with infinitely many minimal prime ideals, I expect the zero ideal will be radical but not decomposable On page 32 in the statement of Nakayama’s Lemma, the ideal a should be in fraktur font.

I’ve just corrected the spelling of Ian G.

A-M defines embedded primes for decomposable ideals only. The natural candidate map follows from Noether normalization, but my approach to surjectivity seems to require the second part of 5. This is, I think, the classical definition. Amitesh Datta 17k 4 49 Also C-F was typeset by a company who had very In more detail, my current approach to the second part of 5. Adding to your correction for Exercise 31 on p.

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