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View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 quick start manual online. Oracle-Ready. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. Handheld Computer. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download.

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Enter the IP address of the host to ping and then press Enter. CscommandsConfiguration Get request sent from thehost application. There are several ways to configure the scanner model: The CK30 is buffering storing data. From the System Main Menu: By default, static WEP is enabled. Causes the cursor to automatically tab forward to the next input field when a good scan is obtained. If a script file exists, the terminal runs the login commands from the auto-login script file before the TE program starts.

The Bluetooth menu appears: CCD redundancy is also enabled. Plus, if you are using an integrated handle or a tethered scanner, the way you scan bar codes is different.

Chapter 1 — Using the CK30 Handheld ComputerUsing the Color-Coded KeysEach keypad available for the CK30 provides color-coded keysto let you access additional characters, symbols, and functionsprinted on the keypad overlay.

Chapter Data Stream Commands Data Stream Format The data stream terminal command format WtDxyz is an asynch- ronous format that an asynchronous host uses to send data to the terminal.

Intermec CK30 Programmer’s Manual

Communications Set up network settings including the Chapter 6 — Troubleshooting and Maintaining the CK30Problems With Wireless ConnectivityProblemSolutionWhen you turn on the CK30 after it wassuspended for a while minutes orlongerit can no longer send or receivemessages over the network. Chapter Data Stream Commands Orders Terminal orders may be included in each data stream command, either alone or intermixed with display data.


Read and follow all warnings and cautions in this document before handling and operating Intermec equipment. Tap this to access the menu settings selected from the menu settings screen in option two under LCD parms.

The tables are organized according to the options in the Configuration Utility. Press the keys listed in the chapter for the terminal. You canconnect your CK30 to your network using: You can also use a MobileLAN access point withsoftware release 1. Upgrading Your Ck30 Downloads.

The RSSI indicator is updated every millisec- onds. The Display Test turns all pixels on, displays horizontal stripes,displays vertical stripes, and then turns all pixels off. Cold Booting the CK30If the CK30 or application is locked up and does not respond toa warm boot, follow interkec procedure to perform a cold boot.

Before You BeginSafety IconsThis section explains how to identify and understand warnings,cautions, and notes that manusl in this document.

Below is an excerpt from the manual.


Diagnostic intdrmec disable data compression and are reserved for engineering tests. The Import User Cert dialog box appears. Understanding the Diagnostics ScreensThis section lists all of the diagnostics screens in alphabeticalorder. Configuring the CK30 Through the NetworkYou can change the configuration parameters of the CK30 bysending commands through a host computer or through thenetwork.

Terminals using this Values option Enabled, [Disabled] Page 44 1 Connect a scanner to the DB9 intsrmec on the serial adapter or cable.

Documentation You should read this quick start guide if you are a system administrator or a person installing the CK30 in a network. The RAM Monitor icon appears on the taskbar.


Intermec CK30 User Manual – Page 1 of |

The display buffer position refers to the same buffer but with a linear array ranging from 0— Page AB1 battery running from File Manager, 71 described, running from the Command Line, 72 using, 5 storing on the CK30, 61 AC1 4-slot battery charger accessory, switching between, 75 described, viewing all currently running, 74 AC2 4-bay battery charging dock During display operations, attribute characters appear as blanks.

Page 4 Device Name Enters a physical name for a device. To change the screen size: To charge and install the battery 1 Charge the CK30 battery in one of these two ways: Literal ID numbers are available upon request from Intermec.

Index icons typing hidden characters, battery status, 8 using, 8 understanding macro, ION Client. Using Terminal Emulation Applications This chapter describes how to use the TE t application for your particular terminal. The serial adapter is a pin dual-row connector to DB-9 connector that connects directly to the bottom of the CK You can also check the battery status by looking at the Battery Status light on the front of the CK30 or by using the battery diagnostics screen.

There are three relay commands: DAT, 73, 83, 85, 86, 89,, The wireless CK30 has an internal DAT attribute colors page Intermec recommends using an SD card reader. You can be seriously injured, and equipment and data can be damaged if you do not follow the safety warnings and cautions.