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Yes, you can add some code to your Web pages that makes it that our friend ImageMagick is terrific at creating these watermarks in a variety. Basically, all that you need to add a watermark to an image is the compositeImage method from an image object. This method allows you to. Need to protect your image files with watermarks? Learn what makes an effective watermark and use the Imagick extension to easily add one to.

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Command line processing -geometry. Overlaying is probably the most common form of image annotation, and is very simple to do.

It also contains complex shadow and transparency effects, so a PNG format image was used to save imagematick resulting image. Usually I suggest the documentation on php.

More info on the ImageMagick website: The more ideal solution is to prepare a text image before-hand and then overlay it as an image. June 12, at 8: Rob 41 1 2. The simplest method is to draw the string with a outline to separate the text from the image. It ‘the first time you use this library, usually I used gd but not having installed php on my PC using linux I needed something to terminal to automate the insertion of a logo on the images. The Imagick library provides a comprehensive image processing API.

The background image also determines the final size of the result, regardless of where the overlay is placed using the ” -geometry ” option. Geometry can be used to modify the size of the watermark being passed in, and also the positioning of the watermark relative to the gravity placement.


The better way to draw an font with a background outline is to draw the text twice. Which would produce with our images the following output in the browser or if you decided to save it into a file:. Below you can see an example showing plain text watermarks in white and black versus a watermark incorporating a background. Wrong page number on setPage function: By day, Timothy works as a developer at ShoreGroup, Inc. So in this example I am using a 20 pixel border left and right, and an 18 pixel border top and bottom.

Can this be done using command line? Further, what if the watermark is positioned over an area of a photo that contains both light and dark areas — only parts of the watermark would be visible.

This is exactly as above but tiled over the image with a even lower dissolve value. However there are more higher level operators that also make use of alpha compositing of images.

How to add a Watermark to an image with Imagick in PHP

Instead of trying to draw the background box yourself, you can get ImageMagick to use an ‘undercolor’ on the box. Dissolve was found by me and others to work better. Is this possible with irfanview?? See Modifying Animations, Annotating for examples of annotating and overlaying multi-image files.

Label using Montage The montage command in ImageMagick is often overlooked by users as only useful for creating a display of a whole directory of images. Here is how I am doing it: For example here is a typical ‘first try’ to positioning text so that it is positioned along the center of the left edge of the image. Adding the watermark is a simple 4-step process: Sets where in the image the watermark should be added.


How to use ImageMagick to place a watermark in multiple locations on an image – Stack Overflow

July 1, at 1: ImageMagick provides a lot of ways to do these things, but not all are easy to discover from the manuals on your own. Consider making the watermark dark with a light stroke or visa-versa. Remember that after you save it in a file, you need to change the permissions of the file to allow executing it.

Image Watermarks with Imagick.

It has some transparency, which I used to check that IM is doing the right thing with respect to transparency, avoiding any horrible ‘square’ look to the results. October 19, at 8: ImageMagick is a command line program, which is perfect for imagemagkck job as that means it can scripted.

Insert logo in the photo – ImageMagick

Experiment, and give your own web site or program a distinct flavor from everyone else. The above script will take all.

The same preprocessing technique can also be useful with dissolve method so the white parts of the watermark image darken slightly on white background, and ditto also to lighten black areas of the watermark on black parts of the image.

The more classical method of making the annotated text more visible is to ‘dim” the image in the area the text will be added, then draw the text in the opposite color.