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This IDL Programming Tips and Tricks database is a. ANSWER: The Coyote Graphics System (CGS) is a collection of Coyote Library. QUESTION: How do I download and install the Coyote Library.

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If this is not the case, simply cotote or comment out the last line in the main-level program before running the program. I have also added the ability to specify “missing” data that should not be binned.

Coyote Graphics code is available in the Plot Gallery for over 50 different types of IDL graphics plots, including line plots, contour plot, image plots, and many more. Charsize is set to its default value of 0.

Coyote IDL Program Libraries

Resizeable with automatic file output. I use it primarily to convert numbers I wish to display in a text widget. If this matching is not done, Histogram silently returns incorrect results. The character size depends on the operating system you are using, the current font value, and the state of the! The Coyote Graphics System really makes use of all the programs in the Coyote Librarybut here are short descriptions of the programs that belong specifically to the CGS system.

Running the program will print of list of directories on your IDL path that the program strongly suspects contain Coyote Library files.

This utility routine converts coykte number to a string. Note also that directories are separated by a semi-colon on Windows machines.

If your directory structure looks like this: For example, suppose I wish to use the Standard Gamma color table color table 5but I wish to exclude, the black color at the bottom, and the white color at the top.


This is a collection of Github repositories where you can obtain officially released copies of the Libraries as well as up-to-date versions of the programs contained in the Libraries. For example, to select 10 random indices out of a vector of random indices, you would type this. Optionally, the transparent image can be saved as a transparent PNG file. According to the IPCC: You would type this: See Drawing a Box and Whisker Plot for additional information.

Check the on-line documenation for the latest updates and routines. Programs written using this function will work in your display window or in your PostScript file.

If ImageMagick is available on your machine, you will have the additional option of making raster image files of the window contents directly from PostScript files. And if one of these programs is just what you have been looking for, consider making a contribution to the work. Catalyst Library The Catalyst Library is also available as a zip file.

The installtion and set-up directions here can be used to install the Coyote Library, the Catalyst Library, or indeed any third-party IDL library you care to use in your IDL installation.

IDL Library Installation

The character sizes returned are meant to emulate the slightly larger default character sizes used in the IDL 8 function graphics system. This is much more flexible than IDL’s normal string formatting functions, and it works with all types of numerical values. I use it when I teach IDL courses to get data of various types so I don’t have to keep opening and closing files all the time. See the KML Documentation for additional details. Any 2D or true-color image can be added to the surface as coyoge texture map.


There are many ways to add these directories to your pathbut something like this, typed at the IDL command line, or executed in an IDL start-up file, always works:. This program returns the current color decomposition state of a graphics device in a device-independent and version-independent manner. This makes your programs more modular and easier to maintain. The purpose of this utility routine is to have a device-independent way to create error messages.

This command allows you to delete any or all cgWindow applications on the display. For example, I use it to keep the correct aspect ratio of a graphics plot when I send the plot directly to the printer via the Printer device.

This object implements the abstract Overlay class in a KML file. Graphics commands are normally added to coyoye current graphics display window.

This program set the current color decomposition state of a graphics device in a device-independent and version-independent manner. Further information is contained in this article on my web page.

Coyote IDL Program Libraries

Cohote is to say, resizeable, smart graphics windows are available for all IDL users. But, of course, these error message don’t work if I’m in the PostScript device rather than the X device. You can specify the name of a file as an argument to PrintPath to write the output to a file for ild searching if you have many directories on your IDL path.

It erases a graphics window in a device and color independent way.