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Help document: HyperMesh > User’s Guide > Browsers >. Model Browser. HyperWorks. Starter Manual. March Page 5. General Remarks (II). HyperWorks HMD Introduction 11 Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering, Inc. Chapter 1: Basics HyperMesh Desktop Settings Files HyperWorks. ii. Introduction to solidThinking. solidThinking, Inc. Intersection, Make .. Introduction to solidThinking. Step 4: Increase or decrease the shading quality. 1.

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The Normals panel can be accessed in the following ways: There are multiple issues with the model. Select the surfaces in the Standard collector. Flux Brochure Capitalizing on 35 years of innovation in the global context of design optimization and time-to-market reduction, Flux finite element software provides solutions to low-frequency electromagnetic and thermal simulation problems.

Turorial that there can be a significant delay before HyperMesh finishes its current fix attempts and stops processing.

Within the hy;ermesh panel there are many options available which provide the user a high level of control over the ultimate mesh.

Electromagnetic Compatibility To meet time-to-market requirements and comply with product specifications, the virtual prototyping of EMC phenomena is widely performed in the early design stages. Create and Edit the Midsurface 1. Violet source elements are imprinted in destination yellow.

Common outputs are Displacement, Stress, Strain and Acceleration. The remaining places in the model that were not identified are used to construct the middle surface via the offset of the model’s sides. Select the OptiStruct user profile.

Go to the 2-d subpanel.

HyperWorks HyperMesh Core Tutorials | BAJA Tutor

You will notice the appearance of new temporary entities displayed in three colors yellow, cyan and redwhich represent the following: Remain in the Edges panel. How to isolate the required plate you wish to edit. Jan-Philipp Fuhr – Tutoril Partner, Cikoni talks about developing a methodology to analyze and predict composite matrix and fiber failure using Altair OptiStruct and Multiscale Designer resulting in improved accuracy and simulation efficiency of their simulations.


Save the failed elements by selecting save failed.

HyperWorks 11.0 HyperMesh Core Tutorials

Join the Simulation Revolution: That needs to be corrected. Basic tasks used to organize model data such as placing elements and loads into groups collectorsorganizing collectors into assemblies, renaming, deleting, reordering, and renumbering are discussed in this section. Free edges indicating surface discontinuities of the clip geometry 8. Create 2 more component collectors called EdgeDev and SurfDev and hyperemsh them distinct colors. The smallest jacobian is 0.

They conducted a study for the design and fabrication of a 3D printed chair. Altair ESAComp is used from preliminary and detailed design phases to advanced analyses for the final design hypermrsh.

Select an element from the graphics area. All of the edge fillets will be highlighted. It is recommended to use the result in Middle Surface comp setting. View the webinar recording Share: All methods are valid in certain situations. Only the free edges should be displayed at this point.

Most of the popular CAD packages are read directly, and for those that are not, HyperMesh supports the popular intermediate languages.

With the model now in a hyprrmesh display mode, you will note there are many issues with the topology of the model. Biomedical and Life Sciences. Thoughts from Attendees at the Global ATC Thoughts from attendees express the energy and passion emanating through the exchange of knowledge, information, ideas and stories by technology leaders and industry executives at the Global Altair Technology Conference.

Geometry 4 – Generating and Editing Surfaces In this section, you will learn how to: By default, the hwsettings. All elements on either side of the part are the same color, red or blue. Properly connected edges ensure a tutoriao connected mesh.


This allows you to pick components from the graphics window. Press O to go to the Options panel. It exports the information seen in the results pages of this panel. Suppress shared edges causing a small edge. HyperWorks Desktop always writes the hmsettings.

When necessary, connection with Flux finite element software enables more advanced studies, taking into account more complex phenomenon. Their look and functionality will be described below.

HyperWorks Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-Monocoque – Altair University

Use of Panels and Directional Functions This step will introduce the user to commonly used functions in panels as well as the use of the directional definition tools found in many HyperMesh panels.

Turning the mesh visualization off shows the surface edge lines and reveals that there are many features within the model that interfere with mesh quality.

This provides the user with a lot of control over the final tetra mesh. A new component will be created called Middle Surfaces and the new mid plane surfaces will be placed in it. HyperMesh trims the inserted midsurface in the planar plate at the plate edge.

However, they are not too small compared to the global element size, so you can leave them as they are. HyperMesh has many tools, both automatic and manual, to assist in this process.

Selecting the same surfaces in both surfs: