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Her father, Lord Sean of Sevenwaters, faces his own difficulties as warring factions threaten his borders. When Aisling gives birth to a son—a new heir to. Heir to Sevenwaters is the fourth book of the Sevenwaters series. The heroine is Clodagh, the third (or second) daughter of Lord Sean and Lady Aisling. Heir to Sevenwaters is the first spin-off of The Sevenwaters Trilogy, written by Juliet Marillier. Clodagh, one of the six daughters of Lord Sean of .

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My favorite parts of these books are the gorgeous settings, the relationships between all of the unique, well-developed characters, and seeing so many generations of connected stories. Deord from Blade of Fortriu.

Juliet’s ssevenwaters and short stories have won many awards. The six novels are: I also loved Becon. He’s probably the only boy in the series over the age of 12 who acted his age.

That said, this was still a wonderful book and Marillier is a better writer than many out there. Then the family’s joy turns to despair when the baby is taken from his room and something Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Heir to Sevenwaters

You really get a sense of the family and their bond with the forest. Ruler of the fey swvenwaters been around probably since humanity got its start and who apparently slept around with any woman he laid eyes on? Maybe this is the reason why at first Clodagh looks like a sevenwatere of Liadan from the Son of the Shadows ; on the surface happy to stay at home and lead the quiet life but really jealous of her sister, sad to be left on the margins of family life and oozing with this mixture.

The sevenwarers that the world of my books is the real world, though in a slightly fantastic version, makes it easier to keep things realistic. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

It’s sevenwatefs as if the world at that time was unaware of it. Aidan likes Clodagh and for the first 80 pages or so there is a love triangle between the two boys and Clodagh but I am happy that in the sevenwafers it is finished at least till after Cathal kisses Clodagh goodbye. And notice that Cathal has no trouble putting the moves on Clodagh once Aidan was out of the picture. Marillier again manages to weave a story that makes you forget about everything going on around you while reading.


Additionally, old characters are still very much present and it was a pleasant surprise to see Ciaran play such a vital role, both in this book and hopefully in the rest of this new trilogy. The whole ‘love at first meeting’ schtick. She also has four adult children and seven grandchildren. In spite of the above, I did enjoy the Heir to Sevenwates and significantly more than its two predecessors. Aidan and Clodagh met the summer before and, once again, the two are drawn to each other.

Heiir prepared for setbacks ov knock-backs. At sevensaters end of the day, this was a book about selfless love, many, many different kinds.

I felt that this lack of specialized skills made it easier to put the reader in her shoes.

I felt sorry for Becan I really started to love that little guy for Clodagh’s anguish and for the sacrifice that Cathal did for his love.

To reclaim her brother, Clodagh must enter the shadowy Otherworld and confront the powerful prince who rules there. To make matters worse, her father doesn’t know whom to trust anymore, as the mysterious Cathal also disappeared at the same time as the baby.

But it seems I was wrong. I’m starting to realize that if I have a problem with this which I really doI should probably stop reading Marillier’s books. Daughter of the Forest is based loosely on ” The Six Swans ” a story that has many versions, one of which is recounted by Hans Christian Andersen.

The last novel in this universe was published in —what was it like to return to those characters after such a long time? Flame of Sevenwaters Juliet Marillier. Ungrounded from her family, house, and talents, she lost everything that had made her interesting to me.

Heir to Sevenwaters | Sevenwaters Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Yet upon her return, she finds herself in the middle of a strange struggle, the heart of which lies in the Otherworld. My books are set in the real world, not an invented secondary world—their fantasy element lies in the interaction of the human characters with the Otherworld, which takes whatever form fits the common beliefs of their time and culture.


After that I write a detailed chapter plan. Our new heroine is called upon to confront the most malicious supernatural forces, plunging us into the darkest srvenwaters of Irish mythology. Description The chieftains of Sevenwaters have long been custodians of a vast and mysterious forest? About Heir to Sevenwaters The chieftains of Sevenwaters have long been custodians of a vast and mysterious forest? I have a strong awareness of the magical quality of the natural world, so that or to show in my writing very strongly.

Clodagh has other worries, however, with the prospect of parting with her twin sister, and her mother’s unexpected and potentially dangerous pregnancy. However, once Clodagh was removed from her home center she became bland. But she overcomes her fears oc self doubt to save her lover at great personal risk. And there were pages o Extremely disappointing. Return to Book Page. I love her lush descriptions that give more of an impression of what things look like rather than a concrete list.

That’s not to suggest the Sevenwaters series is the above, it’s so much more. Which, I suppose, it the basic thing an author wants for a read Beware, readers, for spoilers lie ahead. Clodagh is not a healer, or a seer, touched by magic, or possessed of any special ability.

Refresh and try again. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. While Clodagh sees herself as others see her, as nothing more than the perfect housewife, Cathal is able to see beyond her plain exterior to the incredible woman she is inside. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Another disappointment, like me and Eilis. Sevenwaters is the same magical place, but this time a new foe appears, and another daughter of Sevenwaters rises to the challenge of defending her family and loves.