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The culture of India presents some old Hindu writings which appear in some very old documents like ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth. Samudrika Shastra is hand analysis in the Vedic tradition, a Sanskrit term that ‘ Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth Sanjeevaniā€¯ These. Posts about Hasta Samudrika Shastra written by palmistryreport.

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He is healthy on the whole. These defects are likeW to be modified, if the hand is ruled by the well-shaped long finger of Jupiter. This kind of fore-knowledge would be divine; hence our science can by no means claim infallibility.

Trident, tripatrakar a kamala rekha. As the question of accuracy stands in front of usit also clarify that correct prediction of samudria event and timing of that event makes the accuracy and this is the most important part of Indian palmistry.

A cross on the mount of Saturn touching the Fate line fore- tells troubles, accidents, hasha death. Smooth or rough, its flexibility. The work specifically describes slightly more than one hundred and fifty lines that may appear on the right or left hand. Some relevant Vedic treatises mingle hand analysis and Jyotisha to the extent that a Western student is hard-pressed to decide if the manuscript deals chiefly with Hasta Samudrika or Jyotisha Shastra.

These have to be interpreted and illustrated in the light of twentieth-century findings, when they will un- doubtedly make valuable contributions to the science. Such fingers are found in businessmen, absorbed in their affairs, with their higher impulses dulled and blunted.

Hence is to be undertaken thereafter a deliberation on Brahman. I do not propose to describe in detail all the aspects of Cheirognomy treated by certain standard writers. People haxta such signs have been found to be severe taskmasters, especially if the line shaetra head is straight and turns up towards the Mount of Mercury at the end. As for myself, I must state that I have been successful to a large extent in forecasting the salient events of a life.


Sri Devi Mahathmyam is one of the most enduring and popular Hindu scriptures of all times, filled with the stories and the exploits of the Mother Goddess, as she assumes various forms and avatars, from time to time to vanquish evil and restore righteousness and goodness in the world. Although palmistry is studied and practised in various parts of world but it is nowhere so accurate and scientific as it is in the ancient Hindu literature.


There is a grace in his movements and his body is well-proportioned. Apculo people are considered ex- tremely clever.

Samudrika Shastra – Wikipedia

Some of us are bom to riches, with everything in our favour. He is alarmed bv trifles, and laughs away serious matters. According to samudrikx readings of the Western school, it would haye been difficult to foresee that, at an early date in her life, she would obtain all that an Indian woman dreams of. In very rare hands, the two are found equal; in which case, reason andf will arc found to be evenly balanced. The back of the neck is inclined to be broad.

The line of Mars can be thick or thin and either prominent or faint.

Plain of Mars, the field of struggles and action. But this is rare The eyes have a restless and sharp look. When the upper and lower mounts are excessively deve loped, they gasta violence, insolence, and blood-tliirstiness. The ideas and emotions before they are translated into action, fears fancied or real, and troubles which influence our life in any way can also be read from the left hand. They are hasty in their manner and assart samurdika rights in a blufiF, down-right manner.

The line terminating on the mount of Jupiter, called the line of Jupiter. We must therefore have recourse. Lower down the line on the mount of the Moon, it denotes that there will be bladden and kidney troubles.


Tlie grills and criss-cross lines on the upper thira, middle third, lower third portions of the mount denote bowel trouble, gout and rheuma- tism, kidney, bladder and if female gynaecological troubles. Examine the thumb and the lines of head and heart for these signs. It is railed the Vidya Rekha, or samudrikw line of knowledge or scholarship. They some- times prove to be jacks of all trades and masters of none.

Samudrikw line denotes knowledge and charity. Mount of Apollo or Art. Sections of this page. Even the hint of a faint equivalent disturbs many modern Western hand analysts, who devote themselves hastz erasing all astrological references such as “Jupiter finger” or “Mount of Venus” from their tradition.

In such a case. The thumb of the French king, Louis XVI, belonged to this type; it will be recalled hsta be was beheaded in the Revolution.

Thus, besides the three basic hnes, there are five ascending lines corresponding to those mentioned by Western palmists: To sgastra the strength or ‘ otherwise of this, mount, one should bear in mind marks such as criss-cross lines or grills.

When the nails are broaJei than they are long, they indicate a quarrelsome nature, tending to meddle in other people’s affairs. Man is a complex animal, often a tangled mass of appa- rent contradictions.

Samudrika Shastra

There arepeople who possess a thumb, which bends back only slightly. The fixing of time on the hand with refeience to events is extremely ofifficult.

Broad, shallow, unevenly and badly coloured and traced lines denote weakness, lack of courage and failure of purpose and aim in life.