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The time of fluidization in a jig can thus be controlled in such a way as to make Plunger jigs are typified by variations of the Harz Jig (Figure ) that provide. HARTZ TYPE JIG. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here. • List item here . Over 50 years, Mineral Process. Equipment Pvt. Ltd. has enabled cus-. mineral jig and Harz jig. The operating variables used to determine the effectiveness of jigging include, particle size, velocity of water and amplitude. Recovery of.

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Taking these up in order: The Work of a Free-Settling Classifier: In pulsion the fluid is moving upward with respect to stationary reference point. The average of the ratios of middle heaps is 3. Wills Gravity concentration technology By Richard O. I am assuming that the slime has been already separated from it.

Definition of Harz jig – glossary

Spigot-products finer than the two coarsest will ordinarily go to the Wilfley table. An ordinary settling V-tank 6 ft. We come now to the study of the effects of improved classification upon the different machines, and we will first take up the Harz jig, and call attention to the fact that this jig has a plunger which falls and rises, and as it does so, it first sends a pulsion of water up through the grains of sand, causing the same action as the hindered-settling classifier, and, second, the water goes down through the bed of sand, sucking down into the hutch the fine grains which are lying in the interstices of the quartz.

By putting this plane considerably lower, it is believed that this No.

If the meshes of the sieve have one-quarter the area, then the velocity when passing the sieve is four times that in the space above. The total pulsator-jig screen-area was 96 sq. The Wengler Classifier — This consists of hopper-shaped pockets, see Fig. If actually drawn to scale they would be farther apart than as shown in hzrz figure and the galena grains would be smaller relatively to the quartz.


Harz Jig Concentrators

Finally, we have a pressure-box into which the wash-water is admitted and where it divides itself into two parts, that which rises and does the work in the sorting- column and that which goes down and out the spigot with the discharged sand.

A little glass hand-jig, Fig. This, when worked out mathematically, should give a diameter-ratio of 6.

Since it requires only one-quarter, more or less, of the velocity required by free-settling to do the work, it should require only one-quarter the quantity of water.

If the plant is using a flotation machine which can handle. Then different provision will have to be made. For this hqrz a bed of coarse mineral will have to be placed on the jig-screen, to prevent the quartz from being sucked down into the hutch.

Very quickly humans learned that sizing and washing particles of ores such as silver, lead, copper, and tin greatly facilitated the sorting process.

To the left of this figure will be seen a diagram representing a tall glass tube of water in which grains of sand can be allowed.

It has, however, one rather serious disadvantage in the fact that it requires greater force in hazr rising current on the up-stream side, B, of the regulating-disk, C, than on jug down-stream side; this necessitates using more water on the down-stream side than is necessary for cleaning the sand, and makes the classifier a large water-user.

This would be repeated over and over, and thus give the path of the quartz grain down a diagonal.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Here the side-discharge concentrates and the hutch are both clean and very large in quantity, and the tailings are free from fine free mineral, because, while a certain amount of small grains of heavy mineral finds its way into the first spigot, the grains are not small enough to go into the tailings as fine jiv mineral. We will take these up one yarz one, as follows: Jigging cycles are said to consist of pulsion and suction.


mineral jig

The material treated was sized between 9-mm. Its water consumption is greater than the Selective Mineral Jig. I Need Consulting Engineering Help. The coarsest spigot-product is much richer, and in consequence the jig has less quartz to separate from it, and a larger proportion of heavy mineral is jiig from the coarsest product.

By using a single revolving-cock and distributing harzz current through seven regulating-cocks, the seven compartments can be furnished each with its own pulsating rising current.

If it has too much included grains it will need to be recrushed. Auth with social network: It is not probable that the bands will stay so far apart as shown in the figure; in fact, they will run together a little.

Jigging First-Spigot Product mig Classifier. If the two tanks have the same quantity gallons a minute to treat, the V-tank will have four times the amount of overflow per foot that the water-cone has.

This makes it a perfectly balanced valve and prevents the valve from pressing too hard on the valve-seat. Here again we see the ratios run from 3 to 3. Summing up, we have:. The distinctive upper trash screen prevents foreign tramp matter from interfering with normal jkg operation, and the lower wedge-bar screen minimizes the blinding so common in other jigs.