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The Grandstream HT is the newest in the HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor Series. The HandyTone offers more powerful feature functionality and. The Grandstream HT is a hybrid Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and VoIP This versatile Grandstream HandyTone model supports UPnP, SIP over. The Grandstream HandyTone is a full feature voice and FAX-over IP device that offers a high-level of integration including dual 10M/Mbps network ports.

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SIP is designed for voice transmission and uses fewer resources while it is considerably less complex than H. Range is from VAD allows detecting the absence of audio and conserve bandwidth by preventing the transmission of “silent packets” over the network. Default handytlne 20 seconds. You will see the login page of the device. With the RTP it is delivery and packaging of multimedia data, but does not transport any data itself.

All Grandstream products have DSP handyyone inside. Enter07, 10,47 or 99 menu options. End users recommended using the below Handgtone server.

The latest official release can be downloaded from http: Enables analogue telephone to be used in data network for VoIP. The protocol guarantees reliable and in-order delivery of sender to receiver data. The standard tone-pairs used on telephone terminals for dialing using in-band signalling.

Password field is purposely left blank for security reasons after clicking update and saved. The Grandstream products are SIP-based. It supports various voice codecs: The user can configure Vocoders in a preference list that will be included with the same handutone order in SDP message.


Grandstream HT HandyTone Analog Telephone Adaptor | eBay

Session border controllers resolve this issue by providing quality assurance comparable to legacy telephone systems. This protects the configuration from an unauthorized change.

When selected but no Caller ID is configured, the chosen ring tone will be used for all incoming calls. The default value is If a TFTP server is configured and a new code image is retrieved, the new downloaded image is saved into the Flash memory. Based on STUN protocol. Using TCP, applications on networked hosts can create connections to one another, over which they can exchange data or packets.

Once a “Firmware Server Path” is set, user has to update the settings and reboot the device.

HandyTone 502

Modems attached to twisted pair copper wiring that transmit from 1. Default value is After a factory reset, handytoe device’s web configuration page can be accessed only from its LAN port.

Usually in the form of digits similar to phone number or actually a phone number. Those handytobe are identical. After 4 attempts, the system will timeout and will start the boot process using the existing code image in the Flash memory.

A specialized CPU used for digital signal processing. The default value for FXS port1 is Key entry cannot be deleted but the phone may prompt error hancytone it is detected. Asterisk News Archives older news. The valid range is between 96 and UDP is faster and more efficient for many lightweight purposes. The last Vocoder is entered by choosing the appropriate option in “Choice 8”. It is used periodically to transmit control packets to participants in a streaming multimedia session.


No decimal is needed. This setting is useful for ITSPs.

There are two types of echo of relevance in telephony – acoustic echo and hybrid echo. An FXO device can be an analog phone, answering machine, fax, or anything that handles a call from the telephone company.

This is needed for ISP troubleshooting.

UDP does not provide the reliability and ordering guarantees that TCP does; datagrams may arrive out of order or go missing without notice. Several VLANs can co-exist on a single physical switch. If set to Yes, then for Attended Transfer, the “Refer-To” header uses the transferred target’s Contact header information. The maximum interval is minutes about 45 days.

End users should keep it blank. The default setting is Yes. My problem is that the device does not detect when a call is ended.

Grandstream Handytone 502 Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

All entered digit sequences have known fixed lengths – 2 digits for menu option and 12 digits for the IP address. Advanced user configuration includes the end user configuration and the advanced configurations including: Only the administrator can configure the “Advanced Settings” page.

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