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I’ve got a photo of the two different printings of the WoG box set over at our sales site Find the brand new GREYHAWK® Wars Boxed Set on sale at book and. AD&D 1st Ed Box Set – WORLD OF GREYHAWK FANTASY GAME SETTING ( RARE with MAPS!!) $ Buy It Now. $ 0 bids. The set is in lightly used . Results 1 – 25 of 30 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of greyhawk boxed set. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay.

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The noxious vapors started forward in the room, and eventually down the stairs ahead.

For example, the rulers of countries, which had originally only had titles, were given names, and populations were given to within a thousand, rather than as rough estimates. Skip to main content.

The Sage’s work was not widely circulated during his lifetime. Despite the numbers attacking, they were able to slay several per round. Dark Sun Dark Sun: We didn’t have enough table space for it; it had to go on the wall or the floor. I seh the adventure to be memorable, and come to a satisfying conclusion within that time.


Armies are boxeed from over counters, including infantry, dragons, demihumans and monsters alike. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

The City of Greyhawk – Wikipedia

Meanwhile, the Great God of the North unites the barbarians and Fists. World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting”. But don’t be fooled by the title! More refinements More refinements In the atermath of the great war, the people of Oerik piece their lives together, some struggling to retain their homes, other pilgrimaging to the cities, searching for oppurtunities.

The 2 maps are like new, with sharp creasing and no wrinkles, tears, bends, etc. New material was also greyhaek, mainly culled from the Dragon magazine articles published in the previous three years. How different would it be today?

World of Greyhawk

But the PC’s party represented exactly the sharpened force necessary for the task. Go to our Sales Site. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: I used the Boxef tournament character roster from Module S3: The larger Guide booklet is, in style and content, similar to the previously published folio. Outstanding condition for an item this old.


Four original characters from Gary Gygax’ famous Greyhawk capmpaign are included for your use. The smaller forty-eight page booklet, the Glossographycontains reference tables for rates of movement, random encounter tables, and a list of rulers of each region.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Small creases from being folded in the folio. Adding Depth to the Flanaess”. See the second photo provided for an excerpt from the box bottom of this set.

Retrieved from ” https: The World Of Greyhawk Folio. Each level is a seperate adventure written by a different author and each has its own unique brand of insane and baffling weirdness. This is more than just a ggreyhawk. There are six examples of adventures that can be placed in the world of Greyhawk in the booklet, and the map coordinates of the twenty-one previously published TSR adventures set in Greyhawk.

Sell us your stuff? Should the characters fail to uncover the secret of this quest, the greyawk of Greyuawk will be forever changed.