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Good Lady Ducayne [Mary Elizabeth Braddon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ReadHowYouWant publishes a wide variety of best . In the roster of vampires, Adeline Ducayne, the Good Lady Ducayne, is the polar opposite of Dracula: human where he is monstrous, physically frail where he is. Mary Elizabeth Braddon () was a British Victorian era novelist famous for her sensationalist writing. ‘Good Lady Ducayne’ is a sensational tale of a.

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They talked of other things–but Bella hardly heard them. But I fear–I fear your poor friend may not live to be any man’s wife. Anyone who had been so far interested gooc the girl ggood to observe her appearance would have seen that she was unusually pale, and that her eyes had a resolute look, as of one who was resolved to face a painful ordeal. But when the brief November day clouded with the first shadows of twilight, the old woman grew seriously alarmed, and went upstairs to her master’s door, where she waited in vain for any reply to her repeated calls and knockings.

She was evidently then in her zenith; and I have heard her say things that showed she was in Parisian society when the First Empire was at its best–before Josephine was divorced. Giod many excuses she invents for him!

Collected Stories

vood To Bella the official apartment, with its Brussels carpet, velvet curtains and velvet chairs, and French clock, ticking loud on the marble chimney-piece, suggested the luxury of a palace, as compared with another second floor in Walworth where Mrs Rolleston and her daughter had managed to exist for the last six years.

His life had flowed on with lxdy and sluggish tide, unbroken by food much as a ripple of sorrow. A glance told me that this young man with the dark eyes and crisp waving brown hair was Edward Chrighton. I would return to you from the grave, Gertrude. I had no leisure for dreamy musings on the past, however, provocative though the chamber might be of such thoughts. Lady Ducayne travels by the easiest stages–except when she is bottled up in the train de luxe.


About Mary Elizabeth Braddon. No doubt you play and sing? She also edited Temple Bar Magazine.

Good Lady Ducayne

She was a sort of gentle clinging thing that might creep into an elderly bachelor’s heart unawares, and make herself a comfortable nest there. She lavy to her mother every week, such long letters as girls who have lived in closest companionship with a mother alone can write; letters that are like a diary of heart and mind.

Tonight his studies were of a peculiarly interesting kind, and belonged to the order of recreative reading rather than of hard work. How many times she hopes, only to be disappointed! Chrighton Abbey had belonged to the family ever since the reign of Stephen, and there was a curious old wing and a cloistered quadrangle still remaining of the original edifice, xucayne in excellent preservation.

I shall never have such an easy time with anybody else. But of course it isn’t my business to say sue h things, and I wouldn’t venture upon it to any one but you, Miss Sarah. But I have had gooc same burden weighing me down every night.

I daresay she’s generous ducayhe those poor girlsbut she can’t make them happy. Missus has given particular orders that she should be always at your service.

Good Lady Ducayne by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

I am so glad–I hated to leave her in such a cool way; for after all she was very kind to me, and if I didn’t like her it was only because she was too dreadfully old. Cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks. I saw that Edward was dducayne, and that all the pleasant memories of his boyhood had fled before that cold scornful face. That’s the only fault she has, poor thing. Nobody had told her that the house was haunted, yet she walked about those echoing passages wrapped round with a cloud of fear.


It was placed in an obscure corner. Daniel was beginning to feel jealous of his master’s compassionate interest in the orphan girl. But I was a Chrighton, and I loved the soil from which I had sprung.

The wisest of us is more under the dominion of imagination than he would care to confess. Herbert Stafford insisted, however, treating Bella as coolly as if he had been the family physician, and she had been given over wholly to his care.

He had not been to Wildheath for fifteen years; nav, for a good many of those years he had almost forgotten that the drear; old house belonged to him. The girl had every comfort. Open Preview See a Problem? But spare me plots involving impoverished innocent bourgeois girls rescued in the nick of time by the extreme manliness of a yuppie bachelor who happened to fall in pity with her! He had been a simple-minded, straightforward man, the Yarmouth cabinet-maker–a man full of aspirations after good, innately refined, instinctively religious.

There was no wasting fire in my veins. To this he looks forward. He had seen very little of youthful womanhood in his dry-as-dust career, and he wondered at this girl as at a creature of a species hitherto unknown to him.

And I have had to help mother with her needlework, so there hasn’t been much time to study.

I should want them to feel that I was really earning my salary.