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Getting Unstuck has ratings and 48 reviews. Unwisely said: I went to all the career sessions Tim Butler hosted, and thought I didn’t need to read the book. Getting Unstuck Summary, written by Timothy Butler, Ph.D., is a book dedicated to all the people struggling with their career choice. It aims to. Feeling trapped in your career? Author Timothy Butler believes that your dead ends are your biggest opportunities. Here, Louise FitzBaxter shares her.

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Now, expand the exercise from your career onto your life. Identify the common denominators. This isn’t your typical self-help book, nor your getging career book. But will all that effort then actually help you do something concrete about your career dead end?

Getting Unstuck is essential reading for those who choose to thrive in their most important endeavors “All of us hit dead ends in our careers and, all too often, in our lives.

After letting go of the ego, one has to meditate on an image gathering process. Tim offers so much detail and concrete steps about finding out what drives your life and how to take actions to incorporate these life drivers into definite actions. But if you’re sick of being stuck and desperate to move on, it’ll take more than theory and thinking to get you out of your current life and creating a different one.

He believes these career dead ends are an amazing opportunity to change things for the better. I went to Harvard Business School, and the author is the Head of Career Development there, so we received the book for free in our mailboxes in Not to mention readable and insightful.


Butler comes to career counseling from a psychoanalytical perspective so the meditations are tiothy about allowing your intuition to work and let emotions and dreams help you identify what is making you stuck. Most of tiomthy book applies to career changes whether late in life or just out of college but there is some psychology here that can apply to other big changes in life as well. The only thing missing from it — its head.

Thus, Butler stresses the need to practice free-attention in order to look through the prism of non-judgement. Focus on your gettkng, while letting them run their own course.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths

They are for everyone who wants to get to know himself. Bio Articles Other Books. He has some helpful exercises in questions in this book that allow you to expand your imagination and explore new avenues for career and life satisfaction. I had a difficult time getting through this book. Know Thyself, Part timtohy Next, you identify your top motivations between power, people, and achievements.

I also enjoy persuading individuals and groups, be it through sales, marketing or especially! Take this summary with you and read anywhere! I ended up having to do many of the exercises multiple times and then decided to just read the book through so I understood where I was going in the end. The core to this book is a Jobs exercise.


Getting Unstuck

Finally, you want to be in control? That — right there — that is the cause of most of your problems! A couple of them were essentially saying ‘think about this for a while’, and I wanted more guidance, as was offered in some of the earlier exercises. He then goes into describing power in terms of alphas who want power for its own sake.

Timothy ButlerPh. To ask other readers questions about Getting Unstuckplease sign up.

Oct 01, Michael rated timofhy it was amazing. In terms of the ‘impasse’ process he describes, my position falls towards the end of the book, but it was helpful to go back through my recent experiences and recognize myself in those chapters. Both of these are a meditation walk through.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths by Timothy Butler

Let us know what you thought of the book in the comments below. For example, if you want to be a writer, newspaper editor and librarian — you certainly love to work with books! Yes, delving into your personality is an important part of a career shift.

Sep 26, Heather Larcombe rated it really liked it. I think I timoyhy have found this book more inspiring a few years ago, but still found the descriptions of impasse and its emotional toll to be spot on.