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imported from Wikimedia project · English Wikipedia · sex or gender · female. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project · German Wikipedia · country of. Galina Shatalova [1][2][3] was the author of many popular books on health, healthful food, and healthful lifestyle. Shatalova is best known for her Natural Health. This article provides thoughts from the book doctor, naturopath Galina Shatalova “Healing food”. A spoiled stomach — the father of mourning. The weakest link.

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Over the many years of medical practice Aglina have been able to develop the basic elements of an integrated holistic healing of the human body by forces of nature.

Are there any photos of Galina Shatalova’s hairstyle or shirtless? Personally I do not consume animal protein in the diet for 40 years and do not notice the deterioration of memory.

We are destroying not only the external area of the dwelling, but also the internal environment of the body, getting the diseases, reducing the period of normal working ability and creative longevity. On the trail they received extra food – oatmeal jelly and crackers. The nation Hunza in northern India is featured with the greatest life ehatalova in the world. It is necessary to go through physiological break-up and postnarcotic long-term depression: Do you think that Galina Shatalova did smoke cigarettes, weed or marijuhana?

Galina Shatalova was born in Ashgabat, Russian Empire. We must not forget that this fact today laid the foundation of a strategy to eliminate the mass of chronic diseases. The need for abdominal surgery no longer existed! In that case the food as a source of calories becomes simply unnecessary. The typical diet of athletes The diet of the athletes in the control group were drawn from standards developed by the Institute of nutrition, and included high-calorie foods, rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Yes, people – an integral part shatwlova nature. And the main thing — how it can be transformed to the usual physical energy? Careful study of the table of the comparative anatomical and physiological characteristics of species of animals, it is easy to see that man does not have any signs of a predator.

This aspect is scarcely not the main thing by the social and spiritual consequences. But the scientist, however, studied the rationality of human nutrition as a kind in experiments.

The question is — how to extract at least a small part of this energy? I think we have enough evidence to say about the multi-channel energy supply of the human body.

Oh no, there’s been an error

It turned out that the rats treated with meat spent less time. All new and new diseases fell in abundance! But what differs this energy from the physical one? That is considered to be “calorification.

Dr Galina Shatalova creator of a new health promotion system taking an air bath

Physicians recorded in the “Seaman’s book” unconditional – “healthy. Unfortunately, the eating habits of people are clogged with bad habits. And that also causes lawful and natural repulsion of normal people — habitual food, usual illnesses and early ageing are better, than such “selfinflating” in consciousness of one’s own “greatness”! Because of this the cells would die much less.


Galina Ga,inaSoviet-Russian physician, jogging in the morning.

Galina Shatalova, Soviet physician – Stock Image – C/ – Science Photo Library

Taking into account these fundamental psychological difficulties it is possible not to doubt that a low-calorie food never becomes the mass phenomenon. The elementary and most dangerous way — superindemnification in spiritual pride and arrogance. The quantity and quality of food quite satisfied athletes.

It was decided to repeat the experiment with the participation of athletes of the highest category. About kilometers a day. My teacher Felix Karelin was telling me, what huge impression on convicts especially from criminal was made by those believers including himself who in camp kept religious fasting!

Today, the spontaneous approach to the complex process of nutrition, as part of the total energy exchange falina the whole organism, clearly reveals the shortages of calorimetric evaluation of the diet. If you have current knowledge about Galina Shatalova’s net worth, please feel free to share the information below. An experimental group of volunteers, who had previously been prepared by me on the program of the system of natural healing, were participating in the marathon on general grounds.

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