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Radio and Electronics – Official FlySky FS-GT3C thread – I did a search and did Was able to bind it easily and then pop in the disk for the manual and now I got. 1 x Flysky GT3C transmitter; 1 x FlySky FS-GR3E Ghz 3CH Receiver; 1 x Lithium battery There is no manual that comes with the radio this you get on line.

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Also, when I use the scroll wheel I’m not sure there is a way to do a factory reset. Originally Posted by wombat.

If anyone wants to voice their opinion or experiences with the fsgt3c, please feel free to do so. They do have the “hot glue” fix along with plenty of wire.

Was able to bind it easily and then pop in the disk for the manual and now I got to figure this thing out. Find More Posts by muney.

Fly Sky FS-GT3C Manuals

sf-gt3c The usb port is only for charging so I guess a computer would not be able to recognize the radio. My radio came today and I’m really impressd with it.

X oz -Overall a more compact radio Flaws of the GT3C -Power switch problems with Orange colored models only may fs-bt3c corrected on second run orange colored models.


I did a search and did not find an “official” thread for this radio so I figured it’s about time to start one. Find More Posts by Yamsaab. Find More Posts by Nickerz. The red LED turns Green when fully charged Find More Posts by storr I did bot read the entire manual yet but I’m under the cs-gt3c that’s all the usb port is for. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Fly Sky FS-GT3C Manuals

I believe he’s on here too. Does anyone know how to reset this handset. I think getting a whole new radio system is the wrong and most expensive way to fix your glitching. Go through all your settings and return them to stock settings then rebind the reciever and finally try to recalibrate the esc. Add a Poll to this Thread. So far I have seen green, orange, bronze???

That’s right, that’s why I’d like to know if its impossible to reset the handset back to factory specs. Good idea on starting this thread!

Official FlySky FS-GT3C thread – R/C Tech Forums

I got my GT3C today!!! I popped open the radio to check and see if the silver colored radios have the same revision the green ones have.


I’m looking forward to this radio very much after using a pair of the FS-GT2’s for over a year now without any problems. Specs pulled from the flysky website Originally Posted by muney. Street price dollars.

FlySky FS-GT3C 2.4GHz 3CH Surface Radio System (Orange)

I should be getting mine in weeks so I’ll be sure to post up what I think of it when I get it. Last edited by Yamsaab; at There is some info about the FS-GT3C in the GT3b thread but it’s scattered about and that thread is simply massive and mostly about the older model which shares a lot of electronic parts but is obviously completely different when looking at it.

I never ended up getting one because of these problems, as I had no trouble with the GT3B http: Find More Posts by wombat. The reversed selector wheel is a known flaw and I have it listed under flaws on the first post. I ran gs-gt3c about two hours today and really glad I purchased this radio. Check out his link and how to of how to fix this problem