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by Fritz Leiber. Preface by Eric Flint. My reaction when I first read this story, somewhere around the age of fifteen, was perhaps bizarre. “A Pail of Air”is a story. My first encounter with Fritz Leiber’s short story “A Pail of Air” was in March via the X Minus One radio show. At the time, I could still not read or write and. Given such a setting, the story is naturally dedicated to Fritz Leiber and his famous “A Pail of Air.” I remember reading that story as a child.

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Mar 17, EggSalad rated it really liked it.

So we were all settled around the fire in a wink, and Ma pushed up some cans to thaw for supper, and Pa began. Sandra Lea Grayling is sent by her newspaper to cover a revolutionary chess tournament despite her lack of chess knowledge.

Those things don’t matter. Much more timeless than the others, and much more engaging. It’ll get you and then come for me.

Now that it was inside the Nest, you could really feel its coldness. We are on a hill and the shimmery plain drops away from us and then flattens out, cut up into neat squares by the troughs that used to be streets. She’s always trying to get the load off her feelings, Pa explains. Pa says the stars used to twinkle once, but that was because there was air.


A Pail of Air by Fritz Leiber – Free Ebook

Refresh and try again. Ed Messina rated it really liked it Nov od, So he had to start over and throw the Nest together quick without any advantages, just using any stuff he could lay his hands on.

Mar 10, Gary rated it really liked it. But mind your hands. Good My only previous exposure to Fritz Leiber was his enjoyable and highly experimental Hugo-winning novel The Big Time — an unusual story evoking a one-act play whose characters are soldiers recruited from all eras of history relaxing in between missions during a off temporal war.

It doesn’t do anything to lessen the value of old works. This is a wonderful short story about survival in the face of cosmic cataclysm. I love some of the writing and the way the author imagines a father sharing simple wisdom with his son. Four of these 11 tales were later in The Best of Fritz Leiber, which is a good batting average. I’ve always found Fritz Lieber’s works enjoyable and since they date back to before I was born even with me being OLD LOLI’ve been reading them spread out over more than four decades – his sword and sorcery books when I was a wee lad.

They scared me pretty bad and made my heart pound, especially the young lady. That was one of the things Pa had been thinking of when I told him about the light, but I had thought of it myself first and known it wasn’t so. It scares a person. They were from Los Alamos and they were getting their heat and power from atomic energy. It’s been watching us all this time, and now it’s coming after us.


Book Review: A Pail of Air, Fritz Leiber (1964)

Pa got very silent all of a sudden and Ma kept telling the young lady, “But I wouldn’t know how to act there and I haven’t any clothes. That was frktz time of the monster earthquakes and floods, twenty times worse than anything before.

I think I heard the radio dramatization of A Pail of Air. I found myself wondering whether there mightn’t be something on the dark star that wanted us, and if that was why it had captured the Earth.

You have to squint.

A Pail of Air – Wikipedia

Actually, it’s pure oxygen, since oxygen has the lowest freezing point of all air components, so it gritz froze and snowed last.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. He stood for a moment frowning.

He managed to construct a smaller, makeshift shelter frtz the “Nest” for his family, where they maintain a breathable atmosphere by periodically retrieving pails of frozen oxygen to thaw over a fire. Sometimes one of those icicles will catch the light of a star and send it to you so brightly you think the star has swooped into the city.