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A draft of something that resembles an instruction manual. Quick Play Guide If you encounter grammar/spelling errors, feel free to correct. A freeware 4X game that is heavily inspired by the Master of Orion series. ”’This is a brief introduction to FreeOrion gameplay. This guide was just born recently, and is currently quite tiny but growing rapidly. A somewhat less brief Quick.

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The one difference between the galaxy-map system sidepanel and the production screen sidepanel is that on the production screen, clicking the image of a planet selects that planet. Clicking the star opens the system sidepanel, which displays a star image at the top right with a vertical column of planet images and information below. It’s important to realize that changing a planet’s focus doesn’t immediately set the resources it is producing to correspond to the new freeoron.

At this point I would like to propose five good options to pursue. Resource supply lines are shown by starlanes that are coloured with your empire’s colour radiating out from your colonized systems.

For the mid game we really amp up industry with: One more thing before we really get started.

The max and current value of each resource meter for a planet is represented graphically by the horizontal bars below the resource’s icon for each planet on the sidepanel: Any fleets you know about in a system are shown by and accessed by clicking on the empire-coloured triangle s at the top right corner of the star picture; each empire’s fleets get their own fleet icon at each system on the map.

Resist that temptation at all costs.

You can see the shipyard in the box of building icons below the planet on the sidepanel. At the start of the game, your options are Production, Research, Growth and Defence. In both games I grew far stronger than my opponents before I even met them. The next line shows the population of the planet and the tooltip displays the rate of growth.

These will improve during the game as you research new technologies. To remove an freeorion from the building queue, double click the queue entry or right click the entry and select remove from queue. Disable this feature for this session. I consider the stealth techs relatively expensive and have not yet found a good use for them.


When you start FreeOrion, you will see the title screen with some exciting background art, as well as the Main Menu of the game. One last thing, there is one threat in the galaxy which can really ruin all your efforts: Dont be afraid of losing systems so long as you are conquering at a faster rate. That had a good reason, but now is the time to get them.

Do all this Manial and delay even your expansion. This will not affect the original upload Small Medium Large How do you want the image positioned around text? Pick manusl you like. Clicking with the left mouse button and dragging will move the map around.

At the bottom left of the tech box is the PP limit per turn and minimum number of turns required to produce the project. Clicking on a fleet will display the ships contained by that fleet in the bottom half of the fleet window.

V Quick Play Guide – FreeOrionWiki

To the right of the tech detail view, there is a box that shows nanual prerequisites of the selected tech, as well as the techs for which the selected tech is a prerequisite or what it “unlocks”. The two other ways cost you RPs in one way or another. The first one are monster nests. At the bottom left of the tech box is the RP limit per turn and minimum number of turns required to research the tech. If a planet is selected on the production sidepanel, a buildable item may be nanual, to be built at the selected planet, by double clicking the item in the buildable items list.

FreeOrion Guide and Walkthrough – Giant Bomb

The largest section of the Research Screen is the tech tree view to the right of the queue. Time to start my first-ish well, 3rd I guess voyage across the FreeOrion galaxy! Well, like I said above, you essentially have to create something out of nothing. Techs may be removed from the queue by double clicking on their box on the queue. Combinations and more options All these options can of course be combined.

Ships that pass through or spend a turn in a system that has supply lines connected to it are fully refueled instantly, even if they are only partway through a turn’s movement.


My one regret with this is that max does not mean max, I would like more of everything. Well, I like to alternate research into hulls and research into components guns and armor. Below the tree view, options are available to show only researchable, researchable and complete, or all techs, and only theory techs, applications and theories only, or all techs. Pages with broken file links. Resource production is determined by a planet’s current meter values, while changing focus affects the planet’s max meter values.

Try moving fleets around to explore, making a new colony or clicking on techs in the Research screen to read their descriptions. That is, the research status and tech type options below the tree view must include the type of the tech to be centred. If you go on the warpath, both the Spatial Flux Drive and the Nanotech Cybernetics tech will give you much cheaper ground troops. You cannot directly control the values of meters on your planets.

Extra planets that don’t all fit at once can be seen by moving the scrollbar at the far right of the screen and sidepanel. Most AIs will be at the max aggression selected the default is “typical”a small proportion will be at one step below that level if there is one.

Orion Car Audio Stereo Amplifier Manuals

Dyson Nanual are annoying, but rather easily taken down. System icons can be very small at wide zoom levels, and the clickable area near the system scales with the size of the icon as the map is zoomed.

And it would be a good idea to kill them before that changes. Please frdeorion the “flaws” of this guide: There will be one star with a name under it, some half-coloured and half-grey lines sticking out from it, and an icon at the top right.

Editted the doc to include more accurate descritions of the shortcut keys, and included a link to the manual.