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Charles Stansfeld Jones (2th April – 24th February ). The youngest of seven, Charles Stansfeld Jones aka Frater Achad was born on April 2nd, 11 Results Visit ‘s Frater Achad Page and shop for all Frater Achad books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Frater Achad. Frater Achad and the Little Grey Space Aliens. Excerpt from: _Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts_ by Allen H. Greenfield IllumiNet Press, POB , Lilburn.

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I wandered down the deep shadowy glade, there I espied a tiny sachet of pot-pouri, dropped — maybe — from the streaming girdle of one of the maidens. Perhaps he fears to lose what he had once coveted and then obtained. When I found her, her eyes were closed, as she pressed the fragrant the pink blossoms to her white breast.

Pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous, I who am all pleasure and purple, and drunkenness of the innermost sense, desire you: The hare sleepeth when he should be swiftly moving; he runneth in his dreams thinking himself at the goal. Then did I remember Thy words:.

Jones’ organizing interests were never fired by O. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Who knoweth when Thy hands may grasp me and draw me up into Thine arms, there to nestle at Thy breast, to feed upon the Milk of the Stars? After his recovery Jones became somewhat hostile to Crowley, who had expelled him from his order.

Crowley and Jones frequently discussed the Ouija board and it is often mentioned in their unpublished letters.


Frater Achad |

Lady of the Starry Heavens, let me not become frozen at the touch of the cold Veil of Isis. Many of those who left the Theosophical Society for the U.

Imagine the Sun concentrating His rays for a moment on one tiny spot, the Earth. Frwter hath been written how the Old King dreamed of his banished peacock, entombed in a palace of ice, who cried: Then, if the aspect pleases you, you will stay, or, it may be, you will return for a while, but the road once opened and the Path plain, you will always be able to get there again, in the twinkling of an eye, just by readjusting your Inner sight to the Truth.

The twilight is returned. This group had been actively recruiting among Theosophists for achd decade or more, and Jones was one of a number of prominent Thelemites who eventually joined.

Thus it is with those who are banished to the Palace of the Moon — for the Word of Sin is Restriction. High to Low Avg. Yet all that I may ffrater of Thine Infinite Body is but as the Glove upon one of Thy soft sweet hands, touching the Earth, not hurting the little flowers.

English Choose a language for shopping. Then did I remember that Thou art continuous. Available for download now. Achad, Frater [Charles Stansfeld Jones]. Nine months earlier he had been involved in a set of sex-magical operations with Sr. Yet since Thy Pure Being must ever be more refined thanthisbody of mine I should interpenetrate every part of Thee with my living flesh.

Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones) – XXXI The Hymnes To The Star Godess

Available to ship in days. Twilight… and in a few brief moments the Stars will begin to peep. His gnostic view of reality has been summarized by his fratre thusly: Once I bought a little bird; his cage was very small; it had only one perch. At the age of twenty Jones would become interested in Spiritualism and began to investigate it with the hopes of discrediting the ffater. Baphomet Aleister Crowley awarded Jones all O. He was imprisoned on suspicion of being a draft dodger who was pretending to be insane.


Let those who would travel the Mystic Path remember this: The System of initiation came to an end with the Aeon of Horus, but must be revised and continue according to New Aeon lines Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. While his Qabalistic teachings are sometimes ‘unorthodox’ Many of his writings remained unpublished on his death.

As Thou hast said: So is it with my mind; it flows ontowards the Great Sea of Understanding wherein I may come to know Thee more fully.

Jones advanced to Neophyte, taking the motto Achad, which he was subsequently to use for most of his published writings, and by which he is best known.

Naught but the coping of delicate pink onyx acahd visible until the secret spring be touched.