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Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Aug Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Sep Issue 1 Comment. Fortean Times. Oct Issue the leader, Fontana, Calif., Fontz, Anthony, 62 Foo Fighters, ,, 15O ,, Ford, Art, Formisano, Vittorio, Fortean Times, xiv. Casino Royale, Ford, Henry, Fortean Times, 10 Fortune, Dion, 4, , ; The Mystical Qabalah, , Foster, Jane, –93, , Fothergill.

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Magazine – Fortean Times – Issue – Sep – UK

The early collections, like the earliest magazines, were published in smaller, 6. In the mid s decadeFT began to release a series of digital archives.

The event often ends with a panel discussion, as was the case in when the subject was “Is Ufology Dead? Watson would later 922 a regular column of UFO commentary entitled Enigma Variations from 29and articles on the subject of UFO -related murders and stories of sexual assault by aliens. Besides the formal lecture programme, UnCon normally features exhibits by organisations such as the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and the Centre for Fortean Zoology.

He writes that Gortean turned down an invitation to contribute material to The News back inhaving “earned his rest” after 40 years as an active Fortean.

Fortean Times – Wikipedia

Timez Times 25, p. Fortean Times 39 Spring After 18 more-or-less solo-produced issues, long-term supporter and helper Steve Moore was credited as assistant editor for issues 19—21, becoming co-contributing editor with Phil Ledger, Stan Nichols and Paul J Willis on issues 22—26 and ‘associate editor’ from issue Fortean Times 94 January Sieveking joined the FT team with 28 as co-associate editor, and writes, highlighting the intrinsic early difficulties in printing FT that that issue “was printed by an Israeli entrepreneur in northern Greece and shipped to London.


The magazine has also occasionally published both academic and lighthearted books on various aspects of Forteana. Ron Willis succumbed foryean a brain tumour in March A more academic journal, Fortean Studieshas also been printed and is an ongoing venture. Fortean Times 92 November Fortean Times 31 Spring Diary of a Mad Planet: The move away from production on Rickard’s typewriter gave “The Journal of Strange Phenomena,” as it was now subtitled greater ability to produce longer, better laid-out articles.

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Bob Rickard Founder Paul Sieveking. Its website tracks Fortean news stories, holds a small archive of articles and photographs, and supports a busy internet forum for discussion of Fortean topics.

Fortean Times 30 Autumn Although such articles are presented as the opinion of the author and not the editors who claim to have no opinionsthis has occasionally led to controversy. Fortean Times 37 Spring Hall produced a section entitled “Fortean USA”, continuing on from his earlier, discontinued, newsletter From My Files ; issue 5 also saw William Porter’s article on Llandrillo printed, after being delayed from 4 for space constraints.

X”; Mike Dash and cartoonist Hunt Emerson.

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Fortean Times 24 Winter Fortean Times 91 October Issue 30 announced that while “over the last couple of issues [the] subscriber list The two found they had much in common — including a love of Chinese mysticism — and Moore helped inspire Rickard to publish The News.

Fortean Times July Many “hot topics” of the day have been discussed, such as the Ray Santilli “alien autopsy” film at yimes UnCon, and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales at the event.


Fortean Times Issues 26—30 Fortean Tomes ed. Fortean Times 97 April Fortean Times March It has forttean attracted more widespread coverage and praise. Rickard later discovered that the production was fraught rortean as Ronald Willis had been seriously ill, Paul thus finding it difficult to “keep up with things” on fotrean own.

Fortean Times 21 Spring Fortean Times 99 June Fortean Times 93 December Fortean Times 44 Summer He, Moore and Sieveking were also later joined editorially by author Mike Dash who is mentioned as particularly overseeing the publication of scholarly occasional papersbefore Moore moved from full editorial to largely correspondent duties for a dozen issues after 42, returning as a contributing editor in Autumn Fortean Times 56 Winter Most of the articles in Fortean Times are written in the style of objective journalismbut this is not a mandatory requirement and some articles focus on a tines theory or point of view.

Issue 20 announced that Kay Thompson a staff member of Ley Hunter magazine, then under the editorship of Paul Devereuxwith whom FT shared an address for several issues would be helping to type parts of subsequent issues to further delegate the burden from Rickard.