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File:FM pdf. From RadioNerds. Jump to: navigation, search. FM_ pdf (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). FM Tactical Radio Operations August PREFACE viii Chapter 1 APPLICATIONS FOR TACTICAL RADIO DEPLOYMENT 1 My ARMY Publications FM Tactical Radio Operations – mini size – dated This field manual (FM) serves as a reference document for tactical radio.

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Vertical half rhombic antenna Figure Beam width Figure Frequency band characteristics B-4 Table B AS, medium gain antenna Figure Random data generator Figure Vehicular amp adapter and INC Figure OE broadband omnidirectional antenna system Figure Inverted L antenna Figure Examples of field expedient antenna insulators Figure JSIR information requirements Table This collection of US-Army Field 20.53 incomplete and provided for educational and research purposes.


Average layer distribution of the ionosphere B-8 Figure B Whip antenna Figure Usage Public Domain Mark 1. A typical transmitter and receiver connection Figure Please note, that the structure and the numbering system for Field Manuals has changed more than once during the years covered. Possible routes for ground waves B-6 Figure B Horizontally polarized wave Figure Operations, 6 October pdf ADP Antenna take-off angle Figure Minimum antenna separation distance Table ALE system handshake Table Joint tactical radio system ground mobile radio Figure Quarter-wave antenna connected to ground Figure Change 1, 7 Novemberpdf ADP 1: Tank Platoon, 13 December [supersedes FM Surface conductivity B-7 Table B Take-off angle versus distance C-2 Table C Department of the Army.

Almost all documents are PDF-Files. Antenna length calculations Table Possible antenna stacks H-5 Figure H Stability, August incl. V antenna Figure Environmental Considerations, 10 August [supersedes FM Whip antennas mounted on a vehicle Figure Sustainment Brigade, 9 August [supersedes FM JSIR security classification guide Table RT 1 Figure