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Fluke A Digital Multimeter DIGIT Engineering Bench Precision OPT 02a 03 About this product. About this product. Product Identifiers. BRAND. Fluke. Full text of “FLUKE A Instruction”. See other formats. Instruction Manual P/N MARCH 1 REV 1, 3/86 ®, John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc. All Rights. Active Filter Block Diagram A Fast A/D Converter The Fast A/ D Converter employs Fluke’s patented recirculating remainder (R2) technique.

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A local trigger manually applied from the front panel overrides a simultaneously applied external trigger.

Fluke A Digital Multimeter, OPT 02A, 03, 09A – NOTE: FUNCTIONAL FOR DC & OHMS ONLY

Then the next current is switched into the Summing Node and another polarity bit returned. The respective value is displayed as long as the terminator button is held depressed. The instrument will the find Rx by measuring Flkue and multiplying this constant. The 24 bits of the next 3 bytes serve as the binary fraction.

The constant will change with a function change, range change or overload condition. Ohms Converter Option A 3: Sample S7 is set. Calibration Memory Replacement A power-up or reset condition sets the multimeter in the lOOOV range.


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When selecting between ac or dc coupling for ac volts, the full command string mentioned above must be used. For discrete zero values on each range, zero must be stored sequentially on each range from lowest to highest.

A new zero value is stored each time Zero mode is enabled. Therefore, commands SO through SI 7 or HO through H9 cannot be used for sample settings when the A is set for ac volts normal, enhanced, or high accuracy. The recalled value will be displayed as long as the last push button in the sequence is held depressed.

Digital filtering utilizes fluk samples for each reading. Completion of this comprehensive clearing operation is verified by return of the status response. The following additional store commands are available for the A or the A: The following commands are used when initially selecting an A ac volts function; 1.

Power off; replace or install appropriate module.

An input protection fuse is bad. Figure is a block diagram illustrating signal flow. Ohms Converter Option A 3: When an A function is changed, the multimeter is configured as follows: Latching errors include 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, and The limit value s are compared to the now transparent display reading with all other parameters and operations still in effect.


Noise rejection is influenced by the flukke of samples-per-reading and by the filter selection. At sample settings 8 through 1 7, the flash rate is preset to that of setting 7.

Fluke 8505A Multimeters

The A can only store one or the other, not both. Previous peak values are erased from memory whenever the “U1” command character is programmed. The multimeter must be equipped with the following modules for standard operation dc volts. A momentary error in the buffer can be cleared by sending the G1 command or by triggering a valid reading. The Calibration switch item 24 must be off before cycling power f,uke or off.

Full text of “FLUKE a”

They are normally placed at the end of each programming statement. The polarity of the input is detected and the resulting bit of information is transmitted to the Controller.

The multimeter returns 0 as the error message if no other message has been programmed.