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Flatland is a simple little game based on the novel of the same name. There are other RPG adaptations of the setting, but this was made. The Original Flatland Role Playing Game. After hearing about this on a mailing list, I thought that it was a really good idea to pass it along to as. Sales of The Original Flatland Role Playing Game, which is sold in aid of Doctors Without Borders, have been slow recently. I’ve decided to try an experiment;.

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The quote above explains how the Flatlanders can see each other due to a slight perception of the third dimension, but I will admit I can’t grasp the analogy to our world.


This engenders sympathy for people who crave the liberation of being able to know and experience more spatial dimensions. Flatlanders only have one eye – it’s also used as their mouth. Unfortunately, satire is often misinterpreted today. Social ascent is the main aspiration of its inhabitants, apparently granted to everyone but in reality strictly controlled by the few that are already positioned at the top of the hierarchy.

Posted by Christopher Helton at 7: Yet, we have depth perception because the closer an object is to the eyes, the more different cross sections that are produced in each eye.

It includes the novel, complete rules for the setting, flagland adventures and four adventure outlines, a complete wargame by Matthew Hartley Tusk, Aeronef, etc.

Looking at it more closely, I agree that listing editions in print is unnecessary and could be removed from flatlahd article. It’s not called paralax, it’s stereopsis, but same principle. Throughout the novel, not a single character is named. I found one of them eventually by going through three or four links, but can’t find the other at all now.

It’s analogous to us three dimensional beings. Most compass-legends in old maps used fleurs-de-lis, so we can surmise that that is what Abbott intended in his drawing. After hearing about this on a mailing list, I thought that it was a really good idea to pass it along to as many people as possible. WikiProject Novels novel articles Novels portal.


The Flatland Page Imagine a world of rpv dimensions and plane geometry, in which the very idea of height is considered insanity flatlxnd the darkest heresy. Members of lower classes who are intellectually valuable, and potential leaders of riots, are either killed or corrupted by being promoted to the upper classes. In Flatland Abbott describes a society rigidly divided into classes.

The fleurs-de-lis at wikimedia commons were not public domain, and I didn’t want hassles with attribution, preferring public domain when possible. It would be nice to add in information stuff about how Flatland is a satire of Victorian society rather than just talking about the book itself.

The original title page said, “By A Square”–no period after the “A”, which is simply the indefinite article this can be seen on the title page reproduced in this Rg article.

The guy comes up with some really cool concepts. I agree that combining Cartesian determinacy with Flatlands’ dimensional limitation makes relativistic curving of spacetime a bit harder to fathom, but that is DesCartes’ doing, not Abbott’s.

These are all false spatial metaphors. It is a surprisingly common mistake for people to think that the narrator of Flatland is named “A. We only view the world through two dimensional cross sections you can never see an entire 3D object all at once without rotating it and going inside of it.

The Original Flatland Role Playing Game (The Flattened Remix) – Meme-Free Zone

Discworld is not at all like Flatland — no explorations of worlds with more or less than three dimensions, just parodies of various science-fiction and fantasy. I know that it’s of interest to mathematicians, but no clue as to its actual substance. I am not so sure, Lestrade, that the mathematical insights in “Flatlands” are limiting.


This world, as ours, is not flatpand to receive ‘Revelations from another world’. Having only run through some of the book, I’m not sure if this is relevant rrpg What is the slight perception of the fourth dimension that we are seeing but can’t really perceive? Where the slightest deviation from the norm can lead to arrest, imprisonment, execution and consumption by your peers or a lingering death by starvation.

The KaSe game was at http: The organisation and government of ‘Flatland’ is so self-satisfied and perfect that every attempt for change is considered dangerous and harmful.

Does anyone know the book I’m refering too? C-Class novel articles Mid-importance novel articles C-Class Science fiction novels articles Unknown-importance Science fiction novels articles C-Class 19th century novels task force articles Mid-importance 19th century novels task force articles. It gives the impression that a dimension is a universe or a realm of being. Didn’t this originally have links to the Flatland RPG sites?

Retrieved from ” https: It also featured the existance of lower dimensional spaces, similar to flatland, but on the surface of a sphere. This is not true, however. Even though flatlanders could only view two dimensional objects in one flatlaand cross sections, couldn’t they have utilized paralax?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It just seems like the “fog” and “feeling” is a messy idea that could have been solved easily. Let’s wait until the movie exists before we link to it – the world is full of “almost-made” flatlane that never make it to “made” – although it looks like it could be good.

As a result of this constitution, there can be only three spatial dimensions. What is your definition of dimension? This article is supported by 19th century task force marked as Mid-importance.