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Fatima is Fatima [Ali Shariati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by Ahlulbayt. Shariati was one of the first people to lecture here and drew crowds in the Hazrat Ali or Hazrat Fatima or the other Imams is the abbreviation of `alayhi salam. Fatima is Fatima. by Dr. Ali Shariati. Introduction By Laleh Bakhtiar. Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. Goto to a specific Chapter by clicking below. Chapter1; Chapter2.

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Intellectuals are brought nto being who expend no money. What a terrible future they are preparing for by causing the warth of God and thereby brining about permanent torment for themselves. It uses realities as a means to reach its idealistic goals, its real desires, which are non-existent by themselves. Your display name should be at fatimaa 2 characters long. Oppression cannot be one-sided. The strength of religion which they participated in, and the great expenses which are incurred in respect to rites and the inagurating of places for gatherings or buildings for religious purposes, all are a sign that the binding of our people’s spirit with the Prop het and Ali’s family is unbelievably deep and strong.

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They are responsible for giving the starting push. From another point of view, fatimx palaces of the Caesars from which, historians say, waft culture, civilization, religion, thought, discipline and art are turned around. It is not a myth. There they were prohibited f rom learning physics or chemistry, or studying at the university.


Because of these identical and perceptible socio- economic changes, the loyal ones remain quietly in the same class with few economic changes, or else they are forced into weakness. Mecca the Blessed, Medina the Radiant. He said, “For years all of the speakers have spoken of Mary. At the same time, a small merchant or villager, gets ready for his pilgrimage to Mecca or Karbala after a lifetime of work and anguish and production.

X and his son change.

What happens when she enters the ocean of society? Thus this present essay is the same lecture-but expanded to include a biography based upon documented, traditional sources-about this beloved person, who has remained unknown or misinterpreted.

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He describes the woman we could shariahi see, the one we thought we knew but only after his guidance do we become aware of the fact that although we related each day directly to her spirit, she had been lost as a model for our daily lives. Zaynab’s mandate was to continue the movement of Karbala. He sees art which relates to him.

Fatima is Fatima | Books on Islam and Muslims |

Our intelligent, loyal, lovers of virtue who have known this household-luckless and quiet-have always been sacrificed. They have os newer, more urgent, more alive need to answer the most sensitive question for those who are affected by our contemporary fate: Neither this man nor this woman knows one line of their heroine’s words.

In a society, in a movement of thought or in a revolutionary school of thought, men of letters who are clear thinkers, who are aware and responsible show, through their works, that there is a way to come to know a school of thought or a religion. I had wished to refer to the deep and revolutionary influence her memory evokes in Muslim societies and the role she has played in the breadth of Islamic transformations.


In their hearts, there is a ray of light, the Light of God. It is not a group gathered for a sermon or a discourse. Our shariayi continue to speak about Fatima.

12quotes from ‘Fatima is Fatima’ (shehid Shariati) – Off-Topic –

The Daily Devotional Exercises. Still, any time and under any circumstances which relate to this family, we see that over one million ceremonies are held in their honor.

They relate to lives passed among strangers. None of them have read one line about their lives. The women are forbidden to have a high school or college education.

Fatima is Fatima

If the value, influence and effect of remembering the family of Prophet Mohammad pbuh is transferred from this world to another world and if its effect is only measured after death, then who is responsible? Or, perhaps, corrupt, pr ovocating circumstances would dominate and deceive society and would paralyze us.

Ancient customs cannot be retained by the force of religion for if this were so, it would mean tha t religion is mortal.