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(formally Digital Fusion) is Eyeon’s flagship motion graphics and video compositing package, used in a variety of films that are currently in. FUSION? TUTORIAL BEGINNERS INTRODUCTION – YouTube. Fusion Camera Projection Tutorial – YouTube Simple Camera, Motion Design, Projects. Page 1 of 2 – Desired Tutorials From Eyeon – posted in Fusion: The video and tutorial from Marcus on the speed of Fusion was great!!!.

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After you watch the first video, the player below will automatically skip to the next video.

Know of any other awesome Blackmagic Fusion tutorials? They exist and cost money because that’s their purpose i. But I have hatched a plan However, Marcus is no doubt busy earning a living, and probably doesn’t have the time to do an in depth tutorial – and Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.

13 Fusion Tutorials Every Motion Designer Should Watch

Generic tutorials should be done by good teachers. Just having some variations on Marcus’ theme would be great. Now look at this one, done by an “instructor” skip to 6: I’ve seen very few paid tutorials that haven’t made me facepalm less tutorrials 10 minutes in.

Oh, my point wasn’t so much about the quantity, it was about the quality and whether or not they’re actually worth any money.

13 Fusion Tutorials Every Motion Designer Should Watch

Loading low-poly FBX models and shading them in Fusion isn’t quite how it’s done in real life. I’m curious why it couldn’t be done that way or why it would be a bad thing?


It’s not just about a few more rendering features.

The tutorials covered include the following topics in this order:. While it does cost money to subscribe, they currently have nine different courses that cover the basics of Fusion. Most online and DVD courses seem to be done by bad compositors who can’t teach or who teach completely incorrect and inefficient workflows. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Fusion keying tutorial in which the instructor stated it a good idea to colour grade the foreground image before pulling the key.

You tutorialw been warned. Using light, reflections, shaders, shapes, FBX, text, etc. I think there could be more as Marcus just showed us with reflections and glass. I would also love to have some glass and other ‘cool’ shaders.

I’ve forgotten my password.

More articles from this Author. Posted 07 September – Because the people running it want to buy stuff. In this tutorial from Kert Gartnerwe take a look at the cinematic potential of Fusion.

But, my guess is that most features that got added as far as rendering would find eager users? You can always get help here if you’re stuck.

Note that I linked to just one part of that “course” because it was covering exactly the same subject as the other video; there’s a lot of nonsense in the other parts as well ex.


For example, you might have a depth pass, a color pass, a specular pass, etc. Maybe even Marcus would benefit, if Eyeon came up with some ideas he might like to incorporate into his work?

Desired Tutorials From Eyeon

Breakdowns should be done by good compositors. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Here’s an example done by a tutorialx artist: I rewinded twice because I thought I had misunderstood.

tutprials If we had to use a 3rd party tool like Renderman to render, why not go that way, so that Eyeon didn’t tusion their time re-inventing the wheel – adding costs for those who don’t want it. So, not only were beginners paying for that, but they were “learning” to do things completely the wrong way. New to Blackmagic Fusion? There’s often better stuff for free on YouTube or Vimeo though it’s more fragmented.

It would be great if the Fusion Gurus at Eyeon could create ‘real-world’ cool ‘proof of concept’ videos with lots of effects like that, without requiring 3rd party add-ons, with tutroials instructions and comps on how to put it all together. The series covers everything you need to know to get started.