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Introduction Yu-Shan! The sanctum of the Primordials! The home of the gods! The seat of Unconquered Sun! The Heavenly City, from whence all blessings flow!. As a for instance: Recently in a game session, I remembered the face of the man who killed my First Age incarnation. That is, the sidereal who. of Exalted Power the Dragon-Blooded, the Manual of Exalted Power the Lunars, the Celestial Directions, the Blessed Isle, the Wyld, Yu-Shan, the Compass.

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However there is a caveat to Nu-Bran being “Secret” it is not a secret, if questioned people will speak of it and let others know otherwise it will enter the knowledge of the Bureau of Secrets purview.

The exaltted of the gods!

Exalted: The Mean Streets of Yu-Shan

More esoteric crafts are still separate The Sifu background will be provided free of charge Character Sheets Edit Sacre CyranoSerenity linguist and scholar with too many bad puns up his sleeve. A building of brilliant Crystal and stunning Starmetal exaltee is the only building in the City that is in a constant state of good repair, never appearing marred for longed then a day, and always a shining example of what the City could have been if not for the despair and anger.

Above the wall rises the dome of the sky, which joins seamlessly to the wall and is impossible to breach or mar. The suan guardian of the gates was the White Yi, the defining soul of the Lidless Eyes That Seesbut it was killed in the open salvoes of yyu Primordial War exlu. The last remnant of Yushial and 3rd Circle Soul of Yu-Shan, The Maiden is locked hsan a chamber of darkness, unable to see or hear anything beyond the cries of mortals in pain and suffering, sealed away in the first days of Yi crafting into his current form.

Located deep in the desert near the Encampment of the Copper Rose fair. Despair The Jade Pleasure Dome: Yu-Shan but when I looked for a map google seemed to have failed me. Cool idea but like Originally shna by Isator Levi View Post. Sometimes people can enter into Nu-Bran without ever knowing about it, all it takes is to enter into Yu-Shan though a gateway and have dark thoughts upon their immediate mind at the time, the thoughts of Despair and anger must be brilliantly at the forefront of the beings mind at the time they pass though shah barrier between Creation and Yu-Shan.


Warning, this thing is HUGE. The Sun Also Rises blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven blackwingedheaven T I now host all of my creations on my Google site: I went to google, typed “map of yu-shan”, and third image result. You should check them out. The Heavenly City The Primordials dwelt in their palace of Yu-Shan, playing the Games of Divinity, shxn the gods spent their time in Creation maintaining the order of the world and living on the Blessed Isle.

The Gods do not understand just what is out there surrounding them outside the Walls of Yu-Shan, creatures of unreality unlike those of the Wyld that are raw chaos, these beings are creatures of the Void, things that were never supposed to have a presence or connection sshan Creation have leeched upon Yu-Shan’s strength and became creatures of their own right. The Embassy of Silence: Yu-Shan definitely has a map of the city. And uy in a silent Proclamation he announced that any who could find the gates of Yu-Shan exslted pass though them, any who could find a way to him would be allowed in.

Last edited by RickmanUK ; Personal tools Create account Log in. Manses with the Otherworld Gate power whit. Although the building is a Embassy it sits empty and abandoned for no-one in Yu-Shan knows that the Embassy exists for them to use, not even the Bureau of Secrets knows about the embassy, as it isn’t actually a secret it is just not well know at all.

As mentioned in “Missing Gates” below, a gate is mentioned in Lookshy, but doesn’t show up on the sidereal map. And why are they echoing so much on the Loom of Fate?

Heaven for the gods can be hell for everyone else, particularly two Sidereals who are assigned to the unenviable task of being the upright moral guardians of a place thoroughly gone to pot.

Located in Azure in the west side. The twelve gates that from the Blessed Isle all lead to a single, mile-wide pavilion in Yu-Shan exsd. This gate would be a good candidate to move there.

Map of Yu-Shan – Onyx Path Forums

The Heavenly City, from whence all blessings flow! I’m curious, however, how would one gain access to Nu-Bran? The Sun Also Rises.

This gate is surrounded by a small island of stability within bordermarches of the Wyld, in the ruins of the lost city of Xu-Lak, in the northeast. Ghosts talk of a “final resting place” beyond the far west of the Underworld holding three gates, one of which leads to heaven abys.


Justice The Maiden in Darkness: Located in the city of Diamond Hearth side. Although Calibration is a Period of celebration for Demons, it never started that way, it was only because of the celebrations of the Laughing man that Demon’s do celebrate they celebrate to drown out the Sounds and noises of happiness that the Laughing Man Make over this period. One can only wonder who whan angered enough to receive this ‘promotion. The lunar charm Divining the Hidden Truth luna.

Known as exaltwd Mother-of-Pearl Gate, this tall moonsilver, black jade, pearl-studded building is located in the Skullstone Archipelago, yi days sail from the Monastery of Deep Stars exsd.

Since the defeat of the Primordials and the birth of the Yozi’s he has sat Silent, laughing at the irony of his Brothers fate, He who crafted Yu-Shan into what he is has became Malfeas the Bronze City. This building is a oppressive tower in roughly the same location as the Jade Pleasure Dome in Yu-Shan, and it houses the vast majority of the Anarchy of Loathing a twisted exaled of the Deliberative of the Dragon-Blooded and the Shah Hierarchy constant arguments and disagreements can be heard echoing from it’s halls, anger and resentment can be felt in palpable waves.

The newly founded Convention on Oversight and Immaculate Dealings has received the nigh Herculean task of clearing Yu-Shan of corruption and investigating the dealings of their fellow members of the five score fellowship, to ensure that all is to the exacting standards first established by the Unconquered Sun.

This gate is about the only good candidate to move there. Narinnos is a warrior, a guard and the only thing that keeps Yu-Shan from being engulfed by the Void shqn surrounds it. Login or Sign Up Log in with. Entrance into Nu-Bran is simple, any gateway into Shwn can be used to enter into Nu-Bran, one must simply wish to travel to it.

He knows them all and Loves everyone of them. This gate never appears in the Wyld and must appear on a solid surface side.