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HiFime Sabre UAE23HD USB DAC with Sabre DAC chip – compact ESS Sabre ESk2m DAC chip and SABRE headphone and line out driver. From what I heard from multiple manufactures, Yes, right now ESS Sabre is the best chip, and the is ONLY choice (for making high-end. I am a self-certified “fanboy” of ESS Sabre DAC chip family as a DIY digital audiophile. I bought ES Evaluation Board, ESK2M.

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Will you be creating a board for the Pi? Even Iphone 4s and Ipad mini have more musicality than this. My I got from Hifime seemed to short out within a month in the cord connecting to the USB on my laptop.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The Anedio D1 competes with the Audio-gd Reference 7.

We have picked the most important features to include in this DAC be able to make a incredible sounding DAC at this low price. Chrome on Mac’s also doesn’t support kHz. Thank you so much for this awesome product!! Please try your search again later. Output still from 3.


There are high-performing aluminum solid capacitors together with a new ultra low noise regulator LP The UH1 does have sabrr output on the fron 3. Works plug-n-play with Android 5. Esz being said, the sound is surprisingly smooth and non-fatiguing compared to everything I previously mentioned. Very musical with fast transients and deep tight bass.

Hi, yes this a very late reply, but we have now made a sample for a new DAC that can be used with an external power supply.

Anedio D1 DAC review (ESS Sabre 9018)

However, such phrasing underscores the importance of context. Still love it almost a year later.

This is vibrant, esss, and has a crisp and detailed high end without any harshness. Post 30 of After extensive critical listening through Grado SRe cans, with several different genres, I can equivocally say this is notably better sounding than the dragonfly black, which I was not expecting.

ESS Technology :: C2M

Luckily, I was able to get in contact with Hifime within a couple days and sss it replaced. So you’re thinking about buying this DAC?


Performance I am a Fiio E10 K user for a few years. Compare with similar items. Post 26 of The low bass is punchy, deep, well defined, well controlled, and has no unpleasant colorations. Ultrasone DJ1 Pros faired much better. Indicator light is soft, not blinding. So the loss of 2 bits, as in the example, is practically inconsequential to the bit DAC. We used a double PCB to be able to fit in this small box.

I got the parcel from the US and without thinking I hooked it up to Lampizator. Your username or email address: This DAC paints such beautiful picture it is beyond words. In contrast, the Wyred 4 Sound sound is pure Sare It is a much more open sound than the DF, which sounds constrained by comparison.

I received my new DAC within about eabre days, and sent my old one back paying for shipping.